The Celeb-Approved Scrunchie Trend Is Perfect for Your Workout and Beyond

You might have thought scrunchies were a thing of the past, but everyone—from Hailey Bieber to Lady Gaga—is swapping out cheap elastic bands for the retro hair accessory.

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You don't have to follow fashion trends or be a Pinterest queen to have noticed that the scrunchie is having a serious moment (again). From the woman in front of you in the coffee line to the dude with a man bun in your spin class, this retro hair accessory is making a comeback—and no one seems to be entirely mad about it.

To get into a little history, the scrunchie—an elastic ring encased in fabric that becomes ruffled when wrapped around a ponytail—was first invented in the 1960s. However, it didn't gain popularity until almost two decades later, becoming the natural way of throwing your hair up. Sadly, scrunchies eventually lost their cool factor in the early 2000s, and were basically banished to bathrooms for the sole purpose of pulling your hair out of your eyes while washing your face.

Over the last two years, fashion houses like Balenciaga have revived the '80s trend, offering an almost-$200 take on the scrunchie, while retailers like Gwyneth Paltrow's site Goop offers a silk version that won't kink hair for $39. Not only are brands on board, but a laundry list of celebrities (think: Bella Hadid, Busy Philipps, Selena Gomez, Hailey Bieber, Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, fitness influencers like Cassey Ho, more) have sported these seemingly teeny-bopper accessories as fashion statements.

If you're a millennial, you might remember stacking bold neon scrunchies on your wrist, but the scrunchies of 2020 actually come in a variety of solids, florals, animal prints, velvets, silks, and pearl variations—and some have even been designed with performance in mind, like being quick-drying—to ensure versatility, whether you're rocking one to the office or your workout. Also great? Unlike the cheap rubber bands in the bathroom of your fitness studio, scrunchies won't cause hair bumps or rip out your strands during removal.

Scrunchies may be holding court as the it-girl accessory among celebrities and influencers, but that doesn't mean you have to break the bank to steal their look. Ahead, the best scrunchies at every budget.

Seven Style Premium Velvet Hair Scrunchies

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With over 4,000 glowing five-star reviews, this 60-piece velvet scrunchie set offers you every color under the rainbow—and more. Not only will you always have a hair accessory to complement your outfit, but you'll always have a scrunchie on hand when you need one—whether you keep them by your bathroom sink, in your gym bag, at your desk, or on your nightstand.

Buy It: Seven Style Premium Velvet Hair Scrunchies, $7 for 60-pack,

Onzie Scrunchie

scrunchie trend onzie

Available in a super cute leopard print, this scrunchie gives the accessory some edge. Plus, it's made from the same sweat-wicking fabric as Onzie's hardworking leggings, so it won't get soggy even through the sweatiest of workouts.

Buy It: Onzie Scrunchie, $6,

Kitsch Pro Satin Scrunchies

scrunchie trend kitsch

This scrunchie set claims to prevent ponytail kinks, breakage, split ends, and frizz. The classic black color will go with everything in your closet, or choose from one of the brand's other neutrals, like ivory or light pink.

Buy It: Kitsch Pro Satin Scrunchies, $10 for 5-pack,

Lululemon Uplifting Scrunchie

scrunchie trend lululemon

A lightweight, quick-drying scrunchie like this one from Lululemon will keep your hair out of your face while you sweat it out in your fitness class. It's made from recycled materials, is machine-washable (yay!), and comes in 17 different colors for easy matching with all your leggings.

Buy It: Lululemon Uplifting Scrunchie, $8,

Jaciya Hair Elastics Scrunchies

scrunchie trend jaciya

Durable and stretchy, these knotted hair ties are perfect for thick or thin hair. The adorable bow construction spices up the classic scrunchie and six different colors means you can toss a couple in your gym bag or carry-on when traveling.

Buy It: Jaciya 6 Pack Hair Elastics Scrunchies, $9 for 6-pack,

Free People Super Scrunchie

scrunchie trend free people

This voluminous, silk scrunchie provides a lot of drama, thanks to the oversized design. Pick from 16 different colors, and wrap it around a low bun or high ponytail for an elegant look.

Buy It: Free People Super Scrunchie, $12,

Slip Silk Scrunchies

scrunchie trend slip

Designed by Slip, a company known for its anti-aging, anti-frizz silk pillowcases, these scrunchies are made from 100 percent pure mulberry silk, meaning they are gentle on your tresses and won't leave you with annoying creases. One pack includes a pink, caramel, and black scrunchie. (Pro tip: To maintain their shine, spot clean, but don't toss them in the washing machine.)

Buy It: Slip Silk Scrunchies, $39 for 3-pack,

Lunya Washable Silk Scrunchie

scrunchie trend lunya

Made from machine-washable silk, this sleep scrunchie ensures you wake up without tangles and kinks in the morning, so getting ready for work is a breeze. It also features a unique elastic pull-tab so you get a perfect fit every time.

Buy It: Lunya Washable Silk Scrunchie, $18,

Urban Outfitters Days Of The Week Scrunchie Set

scrunchie trend

Perfect for the scrunchie-obsessed—or simply those who are active throughout the week—this multicolored, "Days of the Week" scrunchie set guarantees you've got enough ponytail holders for all your gym sessions.

Buy It: Urban Outfitters Days Of The Week Scrunchie Set, $12 for 5-pack,

Rag & Bone Lambskin Leather Scrunchie

scrunchie trend rag and bone

Can you say ~fancy~? This lambskin leather scrunchie is soft-to-the-touch, and not to mention super chic. The black goes with everything, but opt for white or red if you plan to sport the trend into the spring.

Buy It: Rag & Bone Lambskin Leather Scrunchie, $35,

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