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Shape Hits the Street for New York Fashion Week

No one knows fashion like the attendees of New York Fashion Week, so we took to the (freezing cold) New York City streets to put style experts to the test as they headed to and from this season's shows. In a game of “Fashion or Fiction,” we asked them everything from how many pairs of shoes the average woman owns to the very first fashion brand to have a logo.

And, since Fashion Week has become more fitness-y than ever (see the best fitness moments from NYFW last year!), we made sure to ask these fashionistas plenty of fitness questions as well, including how exactly someone came up with the idea for the first sports bra (trust us, you haven't heard this one before). It’s hard to believe our favorite—and most necessary—piece of workout attire has gone from its original form to something so sporty and, dare we say, sexy. (Try one of these Sexy Sports Bras to Spice Up Your Workouts in a whole new way.)

We also schooled New Yorkers on how far back in time you’d have to travel to go commando on the reg, and in which ancient culture you could exercise in the buff. (If you really want to do that in the modern times, you could always hit up naked yoga. This Instagram yogi makes it look pretty great.)

Watch the video to see fashionistas try to decipher between real fashion facts and fiction (and spot some killer street style looks to steal for yourself).


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