This Belt Bag Gives You a Cute, Convenient Way to Stay Safe During COVID-19

Simple Satch not only makes carrying your face mask, hand sanitizer, and wipes easier than ever, it also gives you a way to donate to a charity of your choice.

Simple Satch coronavirus infection control kit
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In a pre-COVID world, you patted your pockets before leaving the house to check for your phone, wallet, and keys. But these days, you probably don't leave the house without a face mask or hand sanitizer either—maybe even a travel-sized pack of disinfectant wipes, too. If you're searching for a chic, sleek, and safe way to keep your coronavirus supplies handy when you're on-the-go, look no further than Simple Satch. The lightweight belt bag allows you to keep all of your health essentials in one stylish, convenient place, so you don't have to fish through your bottomless purse and make contact with whatever else might be swimming around in there.

At first glance, the Simple Satch Starter Kit (Buy It, $50, looks more or less like your average trendy fanny pack. But the black belt bag comes with a hidden dispenser that holds a pack of antibacterial wipes, providing an easy way to grab a wipe with minimal contact. The kit also comes with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer and a non-medical grade face mask (you can choose from black, blush, gray, or a black bandana print) and filter.

For anyone whose hygiene essentials are already well-stocked, you can also buy a Simple Satch Belt Bag (Buy It, $38, separately to store your supplies in. Simple Satch face masks (Buy It, $12-$15,, face mask filters (Buy It, $10 for 4-pack,, hand sanitizer (Buy It, $3,, and sanitizing wipes (Buy It, $4, can all be bought separately as well.

Simple Satch was founded by three women who understand the importance of having your essentials on-hand (particularly during the coronavirus pandemic), but also the desire to still #keepitcute while you stay safe. The founders—Corinne Daniels, a registered nurse on the frontlines; Chaiah Delouya, a mother of three and fashion designer who was laid off due to the pandemic; and Susie Levitt, a consumer product expert in the fashion industry—actually began dreaming up the product long before the world was turned upside down by COVID-19. (

"Two years ago, [Levitt] and I came up with the concept of creating bags with the purpose of cleanliness and hygiene," Daniels tells Shape. "We realized the 'gal on-the-go' needed a stylish bag to stash her personal items and proper hygienic essentials. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we knew we needed to take this idea and turn it into a reality."

As their idea for "the ultimate hands-free infection control kit" began to take shape, the three women worked together to create several unique features—including a zipper pocket to prevent the antibacterial wipes from drying out and a patent-pending pull-through rubber port that not only allows you to quickly grab a wipe when you need it but also ensures easy clean-up when you're back home. "We wanted to create a product that women could use every day no matter if you are on the frontlines, in the boardroom, or a parent raising kids," shares Delouya. (Check out these other stylish fanny packs that make life a hell of a lot easier.)

The best part: Daniels, Delouya, and Levitt have teamed up with Givz, a platform that allows each Simple Satch shopper to personalize their purchase by choosing a charity they feel passionate about; Simple Satch will then give 10 percent of proceeds from each purchase to each chosen organization. "When coming up with this idea, all of us wanted to do as much as we could to give back," explains Daniels. When completing your Simple Satch purchase and confirming your donation, you'll be able to choose from more than 1.6 million charities, including the Child Mind Institute, an organization that supports children and families struggling with mental health and learning disabilities; City Harvest, New York City's largest food rescue organization; and amfAR, an international nonprofit dedicated to the support of AIDS research and advocacy.

Once you get your Simple Satch supplies, be sure to share a selfie with your new essentials on social media and join Simple Satch's #thegirlbehindthemask campaign. "The initiative will provide a forum to share personal stories, help raise awareness for impactful causes, and spotlight the people who are driving positive change in our world," says Delouya. "The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in challenging times for all of us, yet we refuse to let it stop us from making a positive impact and highlighting our everyday heroes. Every person has their own unique story and we want to hear it, share it, and champion it."

The information in this story is accurate as of press time. As updates about coronavirus COVID-19 continue to evolve, it's possible that some information and recommendations in this story have changed since initial publication. We encourage you to check in regularly with resources such as the CDC, the WHO, and your local public health department for the most up-to-date data and recommendations.

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