More festival-goers are pairing the usual boho wear with sporty athleisure trends.

By By Renee Cherry
April 17, 2017

Daisy dukes, fringe, and a more-is-more approach to accessories are still fundamental parts of outdoor music festival fashion. Coachella, in particular, continues to draw as much attention for its over-the-top outfits as for its music line-up. Now, it seems like people are swapping flower crowns for sports bras and other athleisure elements. (Regardless of what you wear, here's how to stay healthy at a music festival.)

This year at Coachella, some festival-goers are proving that athleisure isn't just for your post-Pilates brunch plans. (In fact, experts say athleisure is here to stay.) More activewear brands are getting in on the sporty festival fashion. Nike came out with a festival collection and Sweaty Betty has some fun festival-focused looks, too. So not only can you wear workout clothes to Coachella, you can wear Coachella clothes to the gym. (Try out the look with these workout clothes that double as festival fashion.)

While some people use Coachella as an occasion to get decked out in 70s attire, some die-hard activewear fans might show up in head-to-toe throwback Adidas. Others might fall somewhere in between-is "festivaleisure" a thing?

An overlapping trend in both festival wear and activewear is mesh (mesh-paneled leggings, a large-weave mesh cropped top). Model Sara Sampaio tried out the trend with a sporty two-piece and mesh cover-up with heeled boots. And this festival-goer also sported a mesh top with a pair of athletic shorts. (For more things mesh, check out this line-up of our favorite mesh workout gear.)

Sports jerseys are also making a show at Coachella this year. It doesn't get much more athleisure than this retro Raiders jersey on model Josephine Skriver or YouTuber Claudia Sulewski in a Chicago Bulls jersey and cut-offs.

Celebs are getting in on the athleisure at Coachella trend, too. Charli XCX posted a pic in a black and white Nike getup. She was also seen poolside in a bikini, a baseball cap, and neon Nikes.

And we love how Katy Perry rocked a Nike sports bra with a sparkling pencil skirt and sneakers. (Dressing up a sports bra seems to be turning into one of Katy's signature style moves.)

Even if you have zero plans of attending a festival this year, now is the perfect time to experiment with this sporty-chic meets boho-chill trend.