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Sporty Pajamas Active Ladies Will Love

Stripe Varsity Sleep Tee

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Rekindle your high school days with this long varsity sleep tee. Didn't make the varsity team in high school? Pshh, who cares about that stuff now—you'll still be on the winning team with these comfy PJs. ($38;

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Low Rider Pullover

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This adorable terrycloth dress is the perfect excuse to stay in your PJs pajamas all day. We'll take one in every color, please! ($78;

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Pure Body Essentials T-Shirt Dress

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We're totally OK with wearing this striped version all day, and then falling asleep in it at night—no shame. ($39.95;

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Aerie Sunnie Bralette

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We know just as well as you do that underwire bras are totally uncomfortable. Enter the bralette—so comfortable you won't even know you're wearing it.  ($30; Related: 5 Tips to Find the Perfect Sports Bra

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Striped T-Back Cami

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How can you look pulled together even if you just rolled out of bed? With this coordinated striped pajamas set, of course. ($69;

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Aerie Real Soft® Boy Tank

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Sometimes simple is just better—case in point, this super soft tank from Aerie. You'll essentially live in this, so feel free to grab a few at checkout. ($17.95; When simple is the last thing you want during a sweat session, these Seriously Cool Workout Tanks and Will Show Off Your Back and Shoulders in the most stylishly strong way possible.

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The Mayfair Tee & Short Set

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A T-shirt and shorts are classic go-to picks for bedtime, but it's time to officially trade in that beat up college tee and decade-old boxers for something a little more put together. This look is your answer to both style and comfort. ($45;

Photo: Victoria's Secret

Sleep In Graphic Nightdress

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Even the most active girls need a break sometimes. (Remember, you really should be taking rest days—7 Signs You Need One STAT.) This dress is here for you on those days. No early wake-up calls for you. ($12.90;

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Stripped Pyjama Set

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This crop-top look has T-Swift written all over it. Don't blame us if you start having the "wildest dreams" when you wear this combo to bed. ($38;

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