Stick-On Underwear Is the New Seamless Underwear

Do we hate yoga-pants panty lines that much?


No matter how much cash you drop on pricey "invisible" underwear from athletic brands, your panty lines are always a liiiiittle visible in your running tights or yoga pants-especially while you're hanging out in downward dog or working on your squat form. But do you care enough about the persistence of panty lines to take things to the next level? In case you do, underwear company Shibue has created some truly no-show, strapless panties. (Check out the best underwear for women who work out hard.)

Even with all the technological innovations at our disposal, how is that possible, you ask? Well, the undies are basically a sticker. For $16 a pair, you can snag what essentially looks like a flesh-colored scrap of fabric coated with the same kind of sticky, reusable silicone gel that keeps bra cutlets in place. A triangular piece of cloth sticks to your front (better get a bikini wax, stat) while a narrow strip of fabric runs up your booty where another sticker anchors the whole contraption to the top of your tailbone. Oh, and it's washable and reusable.

Now for the obvious question: Is it worth it to consider something like this for your next workout or LBD night? Sure, it would be awesome to be totally line-free when you take your yoga pants to brunch after your morning flow without having to go totally commando. But having a sticker up your butt while you're blasting through squats seems far more annoying than a little panty line. Not to mention the stress over keeping the sticker in place as things start to get extra sweaty down there. Save the strapless undies for the slinky body-con dress you'll wear to show off all your hard work-and give yourself permission to proudly rock a panty line at the gym.

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