The Kickstarter-funded company designs confidence-boosting workout clothes for women of every size

By Shannon Farrell
September 05, 2015
Superfit Hero

Here's some messed-up logic for you: The average woman wears a size 14, but most mainstream fitness brands only run through size 12. So how is a plus-size woman supposed to enter the gym with confidence and support, you ask?

Some may argue that plus-size women are less likely to work out, so there's no demand. Please. We know better than that. Just like a woman can be skinny fat (read: skinny and out of shape), a woman can also be fit and fat. And Superfit Hero, a new brand that got its feet off the ground with Kickstarter, is here to help this demographic that has long been ignored. (Although these Sportswear Brands Do Plus-Size Clothes Right.)

"Because fitness has had such a profound impact on my own life, I wanted to share that experience with other women," says founder Micki Krimmel, who also happens to be a competitive roller derby player with Angel City Derby (currently ranked 8th in the world!). "I was surprised to learn that it can be quite difficult for women above size 12 to find high-quality performance clothing. I wanted to create performance clothing that makes women feel confident so they can get the most out of their workout."

The brand offers fitness clothes in sizes XS-3XL (sizes 0-26), starting with their sleekly-designed leggings. Aside from the flattering silhouette (the waistband supports without elastic so muffin top is a thing of the past!), the fabric and design were created with plus-size women in mind. "Our Superfit Performance System combines top of the line performance fabrics that wick sweat and provide just the right amount of compression." This no-slip coverage is crucial for women with curves.

Plus, "our signature adjustable waistband is tall and tapered to provide plenty of support when worn high on the waist," Krimmel adds. Many plus-size athletes find that other waistbands fall down due to a thinner, cotton fabric.

As for the design, the seams and lines flatter the female shape-they create flattering curves of their own-while the flatlock stitching actually reduces chafing and the gusset offers more mobility. And to play off of its superhero branding, the pattern mimics the look of a modernized superhero uniform.

"Every woman has unique superpowers," says Krimmel. "Fitness is a great way to build the confidence to unleash them!"

With the success of its Kickstarter campaign this summer (the brand raised over $55,000), the company is currently creating inventory. "We're launching our online store in November with leggings in additional styles and fabrics, [as well as] tops and accessories," says Krimmel.

"You can also expect more in-depth video stories featuring Superfit Heros from our community," she adds. The brand currently has inspiring athlete profiles on its website. "A big part of the Superfit Hero mission is to support diverse athletes by sharing their stories and to help make women's fitness more inclusive and empowering." So far, Superfit Hero is doing a great job to light the way! (Psst: Meet The Plus-Sized Models Redefining the Fashion World.)

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May 25, 2017
I was impressed by this article so I visited the Superfit Hero website to see if there is finally a magical solution for my workout clothe dilemma as a plus size woman. It is nice to see that they are using a plus size model and a minority model some of their company's front page clothing pictures. I looked at a picture of one of the leggings featured in "Popular This Week" section and I was impressed to see that the lady modeling the leggings has tummy problem and thigh area issues similar to mine. I am like cool a company that features realistic plus size models with troublesome body areas like mine but $98 for a pair of leggings and $29 for a simple stretchy tank top? You for real? Okay, I proceeded to find a product that I actually am in the market for right now which is why I found this article to begin with. I need a decent pair of workout shorts for myself since I just took up stationary biking to lose weight. The Superfit Pocket Shorts being sold on the site right now are ugly. I am fat with mega tummy rolls. I look like a damn pumpkin right now and you think I want to wear ugly and tight shorts that are meant for skinny girls so that my tummy weight will be highlighted even more for everyone to see? I won't even wear these in private. Sheesh! The tank top same problem. Ugly to the max and it will not flatter me as an overweight woman and it does not flatter the woman wearing it in the picture either no matter how kickass her facial expression seems to be. So basically the take home message for someone like me is that it's expensive to cover my body and all the gimmicks in the world talking about how designers are finally going to focus on clothing needs of a real woman like me are a joke. I refuse to be caught dead in unflattering and colorless clothes like these. Btw I found a pair of Nike shorts for plus-sized women like me in gorgeous colors and style for half the prize SuperFit Hero is selling on it's site. Lots of other plus size women are giving it good reviews and I will take my fat butt and thin wallet to their corner now. I know it will fit me nicer and I will look sexy and cute in in it unlike the Superfit Hero's ugly pair of gray and black workout shorts probably designed by someone who thinks us fat chicks have no sex appeal.