#TBT your athleisure game to infinity... and beyond.

By Lauren Mazzo
Updated: November 17, 2017

Back at it with the white Vans? More like, back to the '90s with Toy Story Vans.

Your favorite skater-chic sneaker brand just launched one of the most epic #TBT footwear collections possible for '90s kids. If you've always wanted to scrawl your name in Sharpie on the bottom of your shoes (à la Andy) but your mom wouldn't let you, the Vans x Toy Story collab is basically the next best thing.

The styles-ranging from a denim and faux cowhide Cowboy Woody Old Skool sneaker to black suede Buzz Lightyear Sk8-Hi Reissues-will take your sneaker game to a whole new world. But the collection goes beyond this infamous duo: You can grab a pair lined with Bo Peep, Hamm, Slinky Dog, and Rex, as well as the aliens and all those creepy AF misfit toys from Sid's house. In case this isn't exciting enough for your inner child, know this: You can find Andy's signature on the bottom of each Woody and Buzz style, and some of the intergalactic pairs even glow in the dark.

It's not just shoes. You can pick up Toy Story-printed merch like backpacks, socks, hats, and shirts (with sayings like "reach for the sky") to go with your sneaks.

Hopefully, you've saved up your allowance, because you can pick up one of the many styles from the Vans website starting on October 7. Get your piggy banks ready.

And while these are perf for a weekly #TBT, if you want to rock something all the other days of the week, try these edgy sneaker styles or cute printed sneakers.



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