"We wanted to eradicate that destructive inner monologue women have when they're trying on clothes."

By Faith Brar

Ever felt disappointed when a dress doesn't zip up anymore? We feel you. But a new clothing company is here to tell you it's no big deal (because, really, it's not).

Plus-size clothing brand Universal Standard is on a mission to change the narrative every woman has with herself when her clothes no longer fit. To prevent women from feeling anxious about gaining (or losing) a few pounds, the company created a program called University Fit Liberty (UFL) that allows women to embrace their current size and swap out previously purchased clothing for a different size within a year of buying them-for free. The line includes basics made year-round-including chic dresses, simple tees, and jeans available in sizes 10 to 28.

Founder Alex Waldman told The Cut that the idea came to life after having several conversations with women about their approach to shopping. "There's a complicated psychology that women have developed from being excluded in mainstream fashion," she explains. "Whether you're 6, 16 or 28, women fret about their size. We wanted to eradicate that destructive inner monologue women have when they're trying on clothes and allow them to shop for the person in the mirror." Preach.

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January 21, 2019
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May 13, 2017
When I started reading this I was like seriously. But it makes sense If someone has started a weight loss regime to become healthier he/she will be going to wardrobe changes frequently and this idea will make it wert it to buy good looking cloths while going true this transformation which could actually help you psychological because when you are looking at the mirror you are looking more beautiful/handsome than if you where in some oversized hoodie very great idea I love it :D