"If you're going to sell to curvy women, use them in your ad."

By Faith Brar
Updated: March 02, 2017

Fashion brand Zara has found itself in hot water for featuring two slim models in an ad with the tagline, "Love your curves." The ad first gained attention after an Irish radio broadcaster, Muireann O'Connell posted it to Twitter.

"You have got to be sh***ing me, Zara" she captioned the post. She later clarified that she wasn't shaming the models for being thin, but thought the brand missed the mark.

O'Connell's followers and other Twitter users were quick to respond to her message, mirroring similar emotions.

"Of course there is *nothing* wrong with the figures of the girls in the Zara ad-but let's not sell this under a 'love your curves' banner," author Claire Allan tweeted. Another user wrote: "There is nothing wrong w/ catering to a certain body type, but if you're going to sell to curvy women, use them in your ad."

A small group of women did, however, point out that Zara might be suggesting that women who aren't curvy should love their bodies just the same. Still, it certainly has a lot of people feeling upset by Zara's attempt to capitalize on the body positive movement with the slightly tone-deaf ad. Hopefully they're listening now.



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