A Weekly Round Up of What has Inspired me for my Wedding

By Allie McKenna
Updated: November 15, 2017

Welcome back to the Friday installment of My Favorite Things. Every Friday I will post my favorite things I have discovered while planning my Wedding. Pinterest helps me keep track of all of my musings and you all are the lucky recipients of seeing them! Most of my inspiration comes from Bride magazines, SHAPEBride and the plethora of Blogs, like Style Me Pretty.

1.) Total DIY Masterpiece-- This wedding featured on Style Me Pretty is how DIY should be done, in your own backyard. AMAZING!

2.) Working on my Fitness-- As the Holidays approach, I have let the pies takeover my ambition to workout. Once the new year hits, I will need the motivation to get my tush back into wedding shape and will definitely use these tips from our Bridal Fitness Coach.

3.) Faux is the Way to Go-- I had an epiphany that I would love to walk down the aisle in a faux fur stole like this one. I would also love my Bridesmaids to be wearing similar ones all with matching broaches to keep them closed and give it an extra "pop" of sparkle.

4.) Fall Inspiration-- Love this collage of Autumn inspired wedding details. An interesting money saving idea would be to have colored leaves (raked from your own backyard) sprinkled down the aisle instead of flower petals...

5.) Special Individual Bridesmaids Photos-- I told myself, if I wasn't comfortable taking a photo like this with a Bridesmaid then they shouldn't be in my party. I would love to have individual photos taken with my girls, then I can wrap them and give them as gifts for the Holidays.

6.) Cup Cakes-- This is exactly what I want for my "cake". My fiance requested cupcakes, but I expressed to him that it would be quite difficult (and silly) to cut a cupcake, so this idea is genius and I plan on stealing it. How yummy do they look, right?

7.) Wedding Night Alternative-- I'm not a huge lingerie fan, but these "honeymoon" boxers I can get on board with. Comfy and sexy is my kind of combo.



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