By Locke Hughes
Updated: October 13, 2017
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At Shape, we like to think we've heard all the unusual ways celebrities try to shed pounds. But we admit: Jennifer Hudson's latest trick is one that's definitely new to us. The svelte singer recently opened up to Yahoo! Style about maintaining her 80-pound weight loss she achieved as a Weight Watchers spokesperson. Today, instead of counting points, she's...making a mess. "I throw the pancakes across the room! I don't let the food intimidate me."

While tossing your breakfast on the floor would certainly help cut down on carbs, we know that's not exactly a smart weight loss strategy. Below, seven more of the most memorable (and most insane) diets that celebrities have admitted to over the years.

1. In 2006, Beyonce limited herself to an all-liquid diet of cayenne lemon water on the Master Cleanse in order to prepare for her role in Dreamgirls. Then, in 2013, the superstar and her husband Jay Z went vegan for 22 days, which she documented in detail on her Instagram. No word on whether Blue Ivy participated as well.

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2. Marilyn Monroe would start her day with two raw eggs whipped in warm milk. Opting to skip lunch, the pop culture icon would then consume broiled liver, steak, or lamb and five carrots for dinner, finished with a decadent hot-fudge sundae dessert. While eggnog is a nice treat during the holidays, we're not sure we could stomach Monroe's version of the drink first thing in the a.m.

3. After having a baby, Megan Fox swore off carbs completely to get her body where she wants it to be. "I cut out all bread and those sort of carbohydrates. No crackers, no pretzels, no chips. Nothing unhealthy," Fox recently confessed to E! News. Think she's kidding? "The worst thing I put in my body is coffee, once a day," the actress asserted.

4. Jessica Alba admitted that she used a corset to get her pre-baby body back after her two pregnancies, including her last one in 2011. "I wore a double corset day and night for three months," she told the magazine. "It was brutal; it's not for everyone." Unsurprisingly, most experts express concern that relying on corsets as a long-term form of weight loss can cause permanent damage.

5. Black Swan actress Natalie Portman lost about 20 pounds to look like a "real ballerina" for her role in the flick. She has said that she ate only "almonds and carrots," and kept her ballerina-svelte frame for longer than a year, during filming and before to really get into character.

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6. Forget eating like a caveman. Madonna supposedly followed the werewolf, or lunar diet, which consists of timing your meals according to the phases of the moon. Apparently, you could lose six pounds in one 24-hour period on the diet. Unfortunately, this spooky theory doesn't pan out-the pounds lost are probably due to losing water weight, which you'd gain back almost immediately.

7. Stunning at 50 years old, Elle Macpherson recently posted a photo that caused quite the buzz over her stellar physique. Her secret? An alkaline diet. The model told ABC News that she swears by her green concoctions and a meal plan consisting mostly of "vegetables, a little bit of fish, not much protein, no coffee, [and] alcohol." No one said it was easy to earn the nickname "The Body," after all.


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