Want to get away? With Memorial Day in just a few days, there's no better time to hop a flight or jump in the car (gas prices are going down this weekend) for some fun in the sun. And if you don't have tickets or travel reservations yet, don't despair. There are a number of last-minute cheap travel ideas and deals that are just waiting for you to snatch them up! Here are a few of our favorite affordable ideas:

1. Go camping. Whether it's going to Grand Teton National Park or a state park in your area, camping is a cheap, fun and active way to spend the holiday weekend. Just pack up your tent and gear, hop in the car and go! To find a campground in your area go here, or browse the National Park Service website here.

2. Get historical. Why not get a little education in during your downtime? Whether its contacting your local tourism office to learn more about the history of your area or hopping a cheap last-minute flight to Boston or Philadelphia, there's much to learn!

3. Find your perfect last-minute deal. Just a few minutes surfing the web will give you a ton of last-minute travel deals. Whether you're looking to sunbathe at the beach, hit the town or get away somewhere quiet, there's a deal for you at a price you can afford. A few good places to start looking for your perfect cheap travel deal is Yahoo! Travel and Travelocity.