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7 Adventure Vacations to Take for the Fitness Thrill of It

Scuba—and Save Coral Reefs in Bonaire

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Take a guided dive with Great Adventures Bonaire at Harbour Village Resort (from $295 per night, dive not included) to the man-made nurseries of elkhorn and staghorn coral off the coast of this gorgeous Caribbean Island. You’ll learn how to scuba dive, then use those skills to help you graft small sections of coral (called coral babies), which will ultimately be transplanted to replenish reef systems. (Craving even more adventure? Book one of 7 Travel Destinations That Answer the Call of the 'Wild.")

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Learn to Surf in Hawaii

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Stay in the camp house at Surf Hawaii’s Surf School ($1,895 for one week) on the north shore of Oahu or rent a beachfront cottage. Either way, you’ll get your fill of surf lessons from experts, as well as yoga, hiking, and whale watching. (Before you hit the waves, get a clue of what's to come with 14 Surfing Tips for First-Timers (as Told Through GIFs).)

Photo: Surf Hawaii’s Surf School

Backpack in the Grand Canyon

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This four-day backpacking trek, led by the pros at REI’s Outdoor Adventures (from $799 per person), takes you from the South Rim to the canyon floor. (Can't make it to the Grand Canyon? Then go on one of these low-key but Picturesque National Parks Worth Hiking.)

Photo: REI Adventures

Explore the Surf and Turf of Costa Rica

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Do intervals of relaxing beach lounging and energizing stand-up paddling and kayaking, or spend a day rappelling or mountain biking with the Four Seasons wellness program (from $475 per night, some adventure activities separate). Don’t worry about getting a little sore—the spa can help take care of that and more.

Photo: Don Riddle/Four Seasons

Rock Climb in Mount Zion National Park

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After a daylong intro course, spend the rest of your trip exploring fun routes with the savvy instructors from Zion Rock & Mountain Guides (from $130 per day). (Before you go, build stamina with 5 Strength Exercises for Rock Climbing Newbies.)

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Kayak and Hike in Greenland

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Work up an appetite with nine exciting days of kayaking, hiking, and whale watching at the Natural Habitat Base Camp ($8,995 per person, nine-day trips from August through September). The camp chef will have gourmet meals waiting for you at home base.

Photo: Olaf Malver/Natural Habitat Adventures

Stand-Up Paddleboard in Saint Lucia

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Mountain biking, scuba diving, and water sports—plus archery, golf, tennis, and tai chi—are among some of the activities offered at the aptly named BodyHoliday resort (from $1,000 per night). (You can also participate in a “quadrathlon,” in which you bike, run, rappel, and kayak.) Everything is included at this amped-up retreat, including daily spa services and gourmet meals. (Are Personalized Wellness Retreats Worth the Hefty Price Tag?)

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