Turn a layover into VIP me time, find hidden airport jewels, get your plane yoga on (yes, it's a thing), and more!

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Just thinking about checking luggage and boarding lines during the holiday travel season is enough to summon a headache. Delays are inevitable. Mile-long lines are just part of the experience. And, on top of all the logistic hassles, being squeezed next to someone with bad breath is something you just can't plan for.

Fortunately, there are ways to make the whole experience zen-from the initial check-in all the way to the in-flight movie. Ahead, we found the most efficient bookings, ways to turn a layover into VIP me-time, and some hidden airport jewels. Think apps that will clue you in on secret swimming pools, free drinks, and plane yoga (yes, it's a thing). [Head to Refinery29 for the full story!]