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7 Insane Water Sports You've Never Heard Of

Helmet Diving

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Not a strong swimmer or even dive certified? Helmet diving allows you to "sea walk" on the sandy ocean bottom, usually 8 to 10 feet beneath the surface. The oxygenated helmets are like a glass turned upside down in water, so you can even reach inside to scratch your ear while taking in the grouper and barracuda swimming past.

Where to try it: Hartley's in Bermuda

Photo: Hartley Bermuda


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This intense adventure called flyboarding allows you to gain heights of up to 35 feet above the water with wakeboard-style bindings connected to a 55-foot-long fire pressure hose. Just wait for the signal from the jet ski driver and you're on your way to scoring an above-water Superwoman photo.

Where to try it: Cancun's Aquaworld waterpark offers Flyboard tours.

Photo: Villa Margarita

Sub Biking

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Avid bikers will be pleased to know they can actually do it underwater too—admittedly, with a bit less exertion. Sub biking is where you bike around underwater with an oxygenated helmet and a motorized water bike. Just flip the power lever on the bike and you're on your way to scooting past tropical fish and beautiful corals. (Related: Aquacycling Is the Fitness Trend You Need to Try

Where to try it: Stuart Cove's offers sub biking tours in Nassau, Bahamas.

Photo: Stuart Cove's

Water Disking

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Stand on a large, inflatable circular disc while a boat tows you across the water—like water skiing but a better conversation starter.

Where to try it: 321 Boat Club offers water disking on the Indian River Lagoon in Central Florida.

Photo: RAD


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Instead of riding the waves on a surfboard, try skurfing—a cool combination of water skiing and surfing, where you are towed by a speedboat using a rope while standing on the surfboard. 

Where to try it: Nicaragua's Rise Up Surf company offers skurfing experiences.

Photo: Triathalon Shots


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These large, stable watercrafts pack twin 10-foot catamaran floats and a pedal-driven propeller, which make the water bikes an easy cruise over water. The hydrobikes have built-in coolers, cup holders, and compartments so you can have a picnic in coves and on beaches.

Where to try it: Clearwater Beach in St. George's Parish, Bermuda.

Photo: Hydrobikes Ontario


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Imagine a contraption that allows you to kayak while balancing on your belly and you have "bellyaking." Without the confines of straps, you can lie on your belly on the bellyak, which combines the two sports of kayaking and swimming. 

Where to try it: The North Carolina–based Bellyak company offers events and classes for the sport.

Photo: Bellyak


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