Sea Space Manicure ($30), Spa Space (312-466-9585). Indulge hands with a warm seaweed soak or a sea-enzyme organic mask that leaves skin soft before polishing nails.

Laguna Beach, Calif.

Couples Ocean Ritual (120 minutes, $300 for two people), Aquaterra Spa (949-376-2772). Begin with a seaweed body masque, followed by a marine bubble bath and aromatherapy massage.

New York City

10 Step 4 Layer Facial with Rapidex (60 minutes, $120), Repêchage Spa de Beauté (212-751-2500). Deep-pore cleansing and marine alpha-hydroxy acids gently exfoliate skin.

Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.

C3 (Sea, C and See) Facial (60 minutes, $95), Anushka Spa & Sanctuary (561-630-5555). "See" your skin look moisturized and smooth after this facial, which includes a dose of vitamin C and seaweed.


Intensive Seaweed Face and Body Treatment (85 minutes, $120), Adolf Biecker Spa/Salon (215-735-6404). Brighten and smooth skin with a seaweed wrap, facial mask and scalp massage.


Seaweed Pedicure (60 minutes, $70), Ummelina International Day Spa (800-663-4-SPA). After soaking your feet and having calluses buffed away, a seaweed concentrate hydrates the skin and a paraffin dip locks in moisture.

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