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The Best Summer Tech for the Beach

GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition

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For starters, the camera’s housing is waterproof to 131 feet, so you can literally take it diving—and shoot videos while you’re at it. GoPro cameras are also gaining popularity for their still captures, however, and can shoot up to 30 frames per second, so you can photograph cliff jumps and even waves, as they crash. A new Auto Low Light mode helps the camera intelligently adjust to varying degrees of light, should the fog roll in, and if you purchase the ‘surf’ bundle, your camera will come with a mount that can stick right to your board. For $20, add the brilliant Floaty Backdoor, which you can swap for the regular door, to keep your camera safe (and afloat) when playing in the waves. ($400;

Outdoor Tech Turtle Shell 2.0 Wireless Speaker

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It might look like a mini-mountain and it’s probably just as tough. This little water-resistant, shock-proof speaker can survive just about anywhere, and uses Bluetooth technology to play tunes for 16 hours on its rechargeable battery. That mountain shape? It helps sound travel 35 feet in all directions, to properly fill a room, or in this case, your radius at the beach. Bonus? There’s a built-in mic, so you can take calls right from your towel. ($129;

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Timex Ironman Easy Trainer GPS

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Wrist gadgets have gotten pretty high-tech, but sometimes you want to keep it simple, especially when it comes to long jogs on the beach, or say, you don’t want to fuss with buttons if your hands are sandy or greased from sunscreen. This water-resistant watch can measure your speed and distance for runs and walks, and track your laps for swimming. It can also show calories burned. ($80;

Bluesmiths Kanaha Shirt

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This shirt doubles as a rashguard yet features a comfortable, breathable knit, to help keep you dry. It has special hydrophobic ‘Nanosphere’ technology, which somehow repels not just liquid, but dirt, oil, and apparently even wine. It also repels the sun, with a rating of UPF 40. ($90;

Smith Optics Lowdown Sunglasses

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The lenses in these shades make everything you see literally pop. In fact, Smith calls their new lens technology ‘ChromaPop,’ maximizing color and clarity. The frames also feature bio-based materials, making these shades nearly as easy on the environment as they are on your eyes. ($209;

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Spire Respiration and Daily Activity Tracker

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Most activity-tracking devices monitor your, well, activity, but not necessarily the time in between. Thing is, you’re still breathing during your downtime, and your breath can tell you a lot about your state of mind (which of course, in turn, is deeply linked to your overall health). Spire uses your breath to show you when you’re feeling tense, relaxed, or focused—and helps you stay balanced during the day. It resembles a small river stone, making it perfect for a zen walk. ($149;

Outdoor Tech Buckshot Rugged Bluetooth Speaker

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Much like its larger Turtle Shell cousin, the Buckshot is virtually indestructable, and water-resistant, too. It fits in the palm of your hand, however, and is designed to be mounted on your bike’s handlebars. (There’s a reason to peddle to the beach.) ($50;

Hummingbird Swim Pouch

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Sometimes you’re alone on the beach, and it’s not safe to leave your cash and keys when you want to swim in the ocean. This submergable purse allows you to take your valuables with you, and while it straps onto your body, it’s sleek enough to stay out of your way. ($45;

Solar Cool Technologies Solar Cooler

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Ice melts. It happens. So your cooler can only keep drinks cold for so long. This model, however, can keep them frosty for up to 18 hours, and it can even charge your phone. (Because let’s face it, that puppy’s battery never lasts.) The cooler features a built-in refrigeration system, which runs off the sun’s energy. The only thing that’s not so cool is the price, which is admittedly steep, though each cooler offsets 5,000 lbs of carbon dioxide, which in itself is priceless. ($1,200;

Sunday Afternoons Sunfire Bucket Hat

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Not only does this cute hat repel water, dirt, stains, and the sun with its UPF 50 UV-protective fabric, it’s also breathable, feather light, and easily packable. As if that’s not enough, the brim contains special ‘FloatCore’ materials, so if your hat ends up in the water, you won’t have to dive for it. The brim is also tilted down, for added sun protection, or perhaps just a little more Je ne sais quois. ($32;


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