They're on the hunt for a new Director of Toughness, so you better get your application in stat

By Samantha Lefave
Updated: September 01, 2016
Columbia Sportswear

When I think of my dream job, there are a few things on the must-have list: The ability to write, the chance to try all sorts of fit adventures, and the opportunity to travel. So when I heard that Columbia Sportswear was looking for a new Director of Toughness-and that they were opening up the application process to everyone-well, you can bet your toned tushy I thought about applying.

But since I'm not one to be greedy, I figured I'd share the deets with you, too. Hey, a little competition never hurt anyone.

Here's the schtick: Columbia is looking for two "outdoor enthusiasts suited for...a unique job position that consists of traveling the globe to beta test top gear and dominating the social media landscape." In other words, not only will you get to fly around the world on their dime-not to mention do things like glacier climbing and river rafting-but you'll actually get paid for it (at a full-time salary with benefits). Not a bad gig.

This isn't the first time they've hired a Director of Toughness though. Last year we met Lauren Steele and Zach Doleac, who beat out thousands of candidates to get the coveted six-month-long role. So they donned the latest performance gear from the brand and ventured into pretty extreme conditions. Check out their sizzle reel for proof.

But there's one thing Columbia says they learned from the experience: Six months just isn't long enough. So now they're extending the job tenure to nine months. And in order to get the role, you have to make it through what they call "The Toughest Interview (To Get To)" in order to really prove you're ready for it. While we don't have exact details as to what exactly this interview process entails, they did say "applicants will be taken out of their comfort zone and have their determination, endurance, enthusiasm, and wit tested in some of the most challenging landscapes." So I suggest not wearing that pencil-skirt-and-blazer combo.

If I've convinced you to apply, registration for the first U.S. interview is open, but you'll have to head to Mount Hood Wilderness outside Portland, OR. Otherwise, applicants can apply at the company's website, where they'll also reveal three additional interview locations over the next few weeks. And if you're not interested, well, that's one less competitor I have to worry about. Game on!



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