Already an upscale leader in fitness clubs, Equinox breaks into the luxury hotels market, beginning with a health-conscious hotel at Hudson Yards

By Rachael Schultz

The days of choosing your hotel for the comfy bed and a great breakfast are over. Luxury gym giant Equinox just announced plans to extend their healthy lifestyle brand into hotels. (Check out The 10 Most Beautiful Gyms In the U.S.)

The New York-based company expects to open their first hotel in Hudson Yards in Manhattan in 2018, with a second in Los Angeles the following year and 73 more to come world-wide. The lodging will be catered to health-conscious travelers, and will feature the sumptuous sweat centers Equinox is already famous for. All of the hotels will have a gym on the property or nearby which will, obviously, be open to all hotel guests, but these amenities will also be available for Equinox gym members already in that city to use.

In addition to the seriously upgraded hotel workout room, Equinox will cater the entire stay to keeping you healthy while away from home. The details are still unspecified, but Harvey Spevak, chief executive of Equinox, explains it to the Wall Street Journal as, "We are appealing to the discriminating consumer who lives an active lifestyle and wants to have that as a hotel experience."

With the growing trend of making health a way of living, a number of other hotels have invested in improving their fitness facilities in the past few years, including upgrading typically sterile workout rooms to have more than just a lone treadmill and adding yoga classes to resort offerings. But Equinox is the first upscale gym to actually expand into the hotel industry, capitalizing on both their club members who happen to be traveling as well as the business traveler who wants to stay fit.

The only question left to dial our excitement up even further: Will they be offering continental breakfast (endless Greek yogurt and protein smoothies, anyone?)?


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