The cultural icon details her wellness routine as the new face of Equinox and their newest venture: hotels.

By By Jennifer Barthole

In addition to ruling the fashion scene for the past three decades, Naomi Campbell is also dedicated to her no-nonsense wellness routine-something that's easier said than done when every other job is on a different continent. That's why her latest project as the new brand muse for Equinox's luxury hotels is, honestly, a perfect fit.

That's right: The high-end sports club launched their own collection of luxury hotels.

The wellness tourism industry is booming; it's currently a $639 billion market, projected to reach $919 billion by 2022, according to the Global Wellness Institute. So it makes sense that-instead of simply partnering with a hotel giant, as other fitness brands have done-Equinox would take it one step further by launching their very own wellness destinations.

The new Equinox Hudson Yards Hotel (opening June 2019 in New York City-with more locations to come), will be affixed with five-star amenities tailored toward a high-performance, luxury lifestyle consistent with their brand. The hotel will, of course, boast a world-class gym space; each Equinox Hotel location will co-exist with a flagship-level Equinox Club with elite Tier X Personal Training and signature classes led by experts.

This kind of destination is a blessing for always-on-the-go pros like Campbell-people whose jobs depend on feeling (and looking) their best: "Traveling for work has always been part of my lifestyle, so I need constant access to a state-of-the-art gym and wholesome dining options," she says.

Campbell says she'd take advantage to practice all of her favorite workouts: a mix of "Pilates, boxing, and a personal trainer for strength training," she says. (She trains regularly with Joe Holder, a Nike trainer who works with a crew of Victoria's Secret angels as well.) When it comes to her nutrition regimen, she keeps it basic, but clean: "Water is key. I never diet; I just focus on clean eating, starting every morning with a green juice, and eating lots of fish and vegetables for a balanced diet."

And her biggest tip for looking fresh? "Sleep is SO important, so I make sure I get plenty of rest," she says. "I also schedule time to relax and re-focus with a massage or a moment of calm."

Luckily, Equinox says every hotel room is a "temple for rejuvenation." Dreamy and supermodel worthy? Count us in.

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February 6, 2019