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Find the Best Car for Active Women Like You

The Best Car for Urban Active Women: Honda Sport Hybrid CR-Z

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Look the part of the fit chick in this CR-Z. There's ample trunk space for your gear and a built-in iPod docking station (get playlists for any active adventure here). And its three-mode driving system— Sport, Eco, and Normal—makes it a snap to switch from accelerating fast to conserving energy and fuel in town. ($19,200,

The Best Car for Outdoorsy Active Women: Ford Explorer

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The revamped Explorer gets 20 percent better gas mileage than the 2010 (best among SUVs) and has a “terrain management system” that makes it easier to navigate mud, hills, and bumpy roads. Bonus: It comes with a rack for bikes and kayaks, along with the ability to tow 5,000 pounds. Heading to the hills? Here's everything you need, from gear to where to go. ($28,190,

The Best Family Car for Active Women: Acura TSX Sport Wagon

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We love this sexy-looking sedan's extra cargo space (like under-floor storage bins and a removable panel to make room for skis). Inside, the USB connection for an iPhone or MP3 player helps entertain the kids, while the Acura's navigation system and traffic updater keep you on course. Try these 4 active family vacations. ($32,000,

The Best Car for High-Tech Active Women: Kia Optima

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This gas-electric hybrid has a seven-inch color LCD voice and touch-activated screen that allows you to make calls, text, and connect wirelessly to the Internet and Sirius satellite radio (do these only while you're idle!). Plus, it has an estimated 34mpg on the highway fuel economy. Workout on the go with the 4 best workouts for your iPad/iPhone Touch. ($20,000,

The Best Car for First-Time Hybrid Drivers: Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

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The Sonata makes it easy to learn how to get the most from a hybrid. Its dashboard LCD screen ranges from gray (you're using a lot of energy) to bright blue (way to conserve!), to help you save fuel. It also uses a unique battery that allows you to go up to 62mph in all-electric mode. Find eco-friendly eats on the road. ($25,000,

The Best Luxury Car for Active Women: Mercedes Benz E350 Bluetec Sedan

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This new Benz gives you elite features (like a safety mechanism that automatically applies the brakes if a vehicle in front of you stops suddenly) and good fuel economy - 30 percent better than others in its class. It also has enough trunk space to store four golf bags. Take your Benz on one of these active yet totally glamorous vacations. ($51,775,

The Best Car for All-Weather Driving: Subaru Outback

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The updated Outback is the only crossover to feature symmetrical all-wheel drive, which enhances your tires' traction in rain, sleet, and snow. It also has a rubber floor in the back cabin so you can haul muddy bikes and damp wet suits without worry. Heading to the mountains? Get ready for ski season. ($23,195,

The Best Car for Budget-Conscious Active Women: Volkswagen Jetta

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With its sporty exterior, this affordable new Jetta just looks like a million bucks. Inside, you gain three inches of legroom and wider, cushier seats than last year's model. Its fuel-efficient engine gets 34mpg on the highway, and its folding bench seat allows you to haul everything from tennis bags to a surfboard. More Budget Travel: How to find cheap airfares. ($15,995;

The Best Clean Diesel Car for Active Women: Audi A3 TDI

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Limit your trips to the pump with this clean diesel system (fuel that has super low emissions and sulfur content), which made the A3 TDI Green Car Journal's 2010 Green Car of the Year. It gets 42mpg on the highway—50 percent better than a comparable gasoline engine with 30 percent fewer CO2 emissions. Check out more easy ways to help the planet. ($31,125,


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