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Fittest Airport

The only exercise most people get in the concourse is walking (or sprinting, as the case may be), dragging and lifting heavy bags, and doing why-did-I-pack-so-much-now-my-back-hurts stretches. Not in Vegas. This 14,000-square-foot gym (part of the 24-Hour Fitness chain) on the second floor of the main concourse is decked out with 10 treadmills, 11 bikes, 9 elliptical trainers, and 3 steppers. You can check your luggage, work out, take a sauna or steam, and get a massage--all while tracking your flight on the front-desk monitor. It's just another good reason to make sure you pack your workout clothes.

Book it: Non-members with a boarding pass get a day membership for $10; 702-261-3971;


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