If You Love Horses

Get active with the kids:

When you're not playing Uno on the porch of your log cabin or roaming the 15-acre grounds of this rustic yet modern ranch, you'll be exploring it on horseback. Wrangler-led rides (for all levels) into the majestic Bighorn Mountains range from two-hour jaunts to overnight excursions that include a y-shing side trip. Evening entertainment includes a low-pressure family talent show, singing, square dancing and roasting marshmallows.

Head out on your own: Guarantee yourself some solo time by reserving a spot for your kids (all ages; only children 2 and up are allowed after noon, though) in the Young Bucks program, which features rides, as well as tie-dyeing sessions and swimming. Choose a quiet hike through wildflowers to see the red rocks at Crazy Woman Canyon, sign up for a y-shing lesson along the Powder River or just grab a lounge chair and read.

The fine print: A one-week stay (May 28-Aug. 27) starts at $1,200 per adult, $350 and up for kids 2 and older, including all meals, kids programs, lodging and activities. Contact: www.paradiseranch.com, 307-684-7876.

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