Built on a former coconut-tree plantation, the newly renovated Buccaneer's Creek is framed by pristine white-sand beaches and lush green trees. While there is a gym, this resort is really all about the seemingly endless variety of outdoor activities: wakeboarding, water-skiing, windsurfing, snorkeling, kayaking, tennis, beach volleyball and bocce ball. No pressure, though. If kicking back is more your speed, stretch out for a gabfest on the beach or by the infinity pool (feel free to ignore the calls to join in the ping-pong tournament). In the evening, hit the open-air disco and work up a sweat with your friends on the dance floor. A roving instructor will cut in to show you a few mambo or cha-cha moves.

DON'T MISS If you've had your fill of sand for a while, sign up for a two-hour trek through the dense forests surrounding the Mount Pelee volcano or a canyoning trip to the northern end of the island, where you'll "hike" a river trail that winds past (and sometimes right underneath) waterfalls, down slippery rocks and into refreshingly cool crystal-clear pools.

DETAILS Rates for a seven-night stay start at $1,120 per person and include lodging and all meals, beverages (including alcoholic ones), activities and transportation to and from the airport. Click on for more info.