From health retreats to fitness classes, these programs are considered the crème de la crème in fitness

By Christina Orlovsky Page
January 01, 2015

Sometimes, a healthy body comes with a hefty price tag, especially if you're considering some of these health and wellness offerings. Just call them the Ferraris of fitness! These luxury getaways and services give "treat yourself" a whole new definition-in addition to splurge-y amenities and exclusive access, you get sculpting and relaxing as part of the deal. So, maybe we can't quite justify the cost-right now. But, hey, we can dream, right? (While you're at it, check out The 8 Best Hotels for Healthy Travel.)

Health Retreats



Consider these week-long mind, body, spirit retreats for the millionaire set. At Cal-a-Vie Health Spa in San Diego County, your Southern California state of mind includes "a well-organized program of fitness" that includes hikes, golf, and more than 100 fitness classes like yoga, Pilates, spin and Zumba-all interspersed with healthy meals and spa treatments. It's healthy living at its finest, all for $8,795 plus tax per week.

Destination Boot Camps


The Ashram

It's no "Eat Pray Love" at The Ashram in Calabasas, California, and Mallorca, Spain. Instead, it's pre-sunrise yoga, 16-mile hikes and a "cleansing vegetarian diet" in a week-long program designed to transform your body, mind, and soul. Discipline and hard work aimed at "empowering each person to find their inner and outer strength to climb any mountain." And the price, too, is steep: $5,000 per week in California and $5,200 per week in Spain. (Craving more adventure? Wake up your mind, body, and soul with these 7 Travel Destinations That Answer The Call of the 'Wild'.)

SIN Workouts



Need a car service to your pre-booked cardio class? No problem. How about a snack to keep you satiated before you sweat? Check. Your own traveling juice bar? Sure thing. And your dry cleaning waiting for you when your class is over? Consider it done. All courtesy of this fitness-concierge service, which stands for Strength in Numbers and serves to eliminate "all the barriers that inhibit people from incorporating fitness into their lives." There's only one barrier left: Memberships are $350 per month, with additional costs per add-on service.

Fit Reserve


Fit Reserve

With so many choices of fitness classes, why limit yourself to one when you can mix and match as you see fit? That's the idea behind FitReserve, a membership program for New York City fitness lovers who want options in their workouts. Members can purchase packages of 10 or 20 classes per month at the city's most exclusive studios, ranging from yoga and Pilates to CrossFit and kickboxing, all at more than 50 percent off their retail price. The invitation-only membership is a bargain at $149 for 10 classes or $249 for 20. (Try a class after work and learn Why Post-Work Workouts Are the New Happy Hour.)




What FitReserve is to NYC, ClassPass is to 20 more cities across the United States, including Chicago, Charlotte, Austin and San Diego. Considered a "personal, all-access pass" to thousands of fitness classes across the country, it allows up to three classes per month at the same studio-all for a cost of just $79 to $99 per month depending on your city.