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Packing Tips to Save Space—and Time

Pack Like a Pro

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Snowstorms and crowded airports can make winter trips woeful—don’t let a baggage-claim backlog or lost luggage add to the pain. Stasia Raines, brand manager at Eagle Creek, shows us how to stash a week’s worth of essentials into a carry-on.

Chain Reaction

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Wear valuable bling, but put costume pieces in individual mini zip- top bags ($3 for 100; and place in your purse’s interior pocket. To prevent tangling, clasp chains and let a few inches dangle out of the top.

In the Clear

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Pour liquid beauty products into TSA-approved (3.4-oz) refillable bottles and store in a see-through plastic bag (both at drugstores). Slide into an exterior pocket for easy access at security.

Smooth Move

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Lay silk dresses and pants—and all other crease-prone garments—on a few sheets of tissue paper, then fold. These will go on top of the rest of your clothes or in your suitcase’s inside pouch. If you travel frequently, consider the reusable Eagle Creek Pack-It Folder 18 ($28; It works like the tissue- paper method (you wrap clothes around a fabric board) but lets you pack more—up to 12 pieces!—in less space.

Wind It Up

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Maximize space by rolling jeans, t-shirts, sweaters, and anything else that’s not likely to wrinkle. Layer the spirals over the bulkier items and group them according to activity or outfit.

Bottom Out

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Stow your bulkiest belongings—bags, outerwear, blow- dryer—in your suitcase first. Place undergarments into the nooks created by the odd shapes.

Get Your Kicks

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Tuck small items like socks and belts inside shoes, then pop each pair in a bag with soles together, toes to heels.


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