By Alice Oglethorpe
June 08, 2011

As a New Yorker, I've gotten pretty used to getting by without a car. If the subway doesn't go there, I don't either. But I had a wedding to go to in Providence, RI over Memorial Day weekend, so I knew I needed to get behind the wheel. Instead of renting an economy ride, like I usually do, I decided to treat myself by borrowing a brand new Audi A7. And it changed everything I thought about cars.

In high school, I was the proud owner of a used Volkswagen Jetta. I loved it-sunroof, stick shift, and all-but it definitely wasn't a luxury vehicle. And I always thought spending loads of cash on an automobile was a waste of money. But after the 360 miles I spent in that Audi, which starts at $59,250, I know that there is a reason people buy high-end models. Sure the engine was powerful-310 horsepower-and the way it hugged the road was amazing, but it also had bells and whistles I didn't even know existed! My favorite one was something called a Head's Up Display. It used to be only for jet pilots, but now it's for us regular people too. It displays data directly onto the windshield, like the next turn you need to make, how fast you're going, or even if you're getting too close to the car in front of you.

And the best part was how it looked. Guys driving in the other lanes were constantly giving us second glances. Maybe if I keep driving one, I won't be rolling up solo to the next wedding I have to go to.