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The Trendiest Hotel Gyms and Fitness Centers

The Greenwich Hotel

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The illuminated, azure indoor pool alone makes The Greenwich Hotel’s fitness facility one of the coolest around. Lantern-lit and decked out in Zen-like bamboo, this fitness center brings the posh side of New York to the gym, but in a soft, tranquil fashion. Even the bottles of water are chic – they’re shaped like large flasks, and free for all guests.

All cardio and weight machines are modern and new, and a gym attendant waits on guests during all open hours. If exercisers would prefer, a personal trainer is available by request (but of course, for a hefty fee).

Shutters on the Beach

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Maybe it’s the Southern Californian appreciation for good looks, but Shutters on the Beach, an oceanfront resort in Santa Monica, firmly holds a spot on our list for offering one of the trendiest gyms. With indoor and outdoor facilities, this hotel packs plenty of equipment, such as the high-end Techno Gym brand.

The contrast of the dark and light wood floorboards, as well as the mirrors on every wall, gives this gym an uber-chic yet beachy vibe. The strawberry, cucumber, and lemon-infused water helps, too.

Canyon Ranch Miami Beach

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Canyon Ranch Miami Beach offers floor-to-ceiling windows, which provide dramatic views of the ocean and stunning natural light that highlights the gym’s sleek and Zen décor. The ceiling’s adorned with long, wave-shaped panels that make the room fluid and natural, not stiff or overly masculine.

It gets really interesting towards the back of the facility, where a rock climbing wall can be found on one side of the room and an earthy hanging art piece (composed of pieces wood and gems) on the other.

Mandarin Oriental

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With 6,000 square feet of pure luxury and posh-ness that only New York can deliver, this Mandarin Oriental’s fitness center is one of the trendiest on the east coast. It comes with designer equipment, such as the Techno Gym’s Kinesis Personal Heritage, which utilizes a “full-gravity” system to develop strength and flexibility. Plus, it looks awesome. The base is a tall, wooden fixture mounted to the wall. Thin cables extend from it, which are used for resistance training.

Stunning views of Manhattan accompany the high-class gear, and special touches like free packages of towels, headphones, and smartwater bottles keep the trendiness alive.

Rancho Valencia

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Let’s just say that Rancho Valencia’s gym has chandeliers. Yes, chandeliers. The Rancho Valencia’s combination of rustic décor with the newest equipment is an unbeatable combination. There’s no doubt that the people you’ll find in this gym want the best of the best, and they know where to get it.

With its own apparatus Pilates studio, this is the place to go in San Diego if you want a stylish studio that knows what it’s doing. The view from the large windows out onto the lush, Spanish-style courtyard is also one of the gym’s best features.


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