These Wellness Retreats Will Make You Feel Like a New Person In Just a Few Days

Clean slate, full hearts, can't lose.

Multiday wellness immersion experiences (at resorts, lodges, and the like) are seizing their moment. Typically, a crack team of professionals whips up personalized fitness plans and offers daily spa treatments, digital detox time, meditation sessions, and nutritionist-approved farm-to-table fare. No wonder the market for such mind-body tourism grew 14 percent just in the past few years, according to the Global Wellness Institute. These hip holidays let you rip the Band-Aid off any bad daily habits and unplug at the same time. A wellness retreat is the solution for when you want to feel like you're simultaneously healing and indulging yourself. (

"The goal is for guests to return to their daily lives rejuvenated and refreshed, with the skills to make lasting changes," says Alex Glasscock, a cofounder and the CEO of the Ranch Malibu, a retreat popular with celebrities. There are plenty of options for any wellness goals you may have.

Ready to book one? Here, a few options to get you started:

  • Skyterra Wellness Retreat in Lake Toxaway, North Carolina, lets you reconnect with nature in the Blue Ridge Mountains.
  • Mountain Trek in British Columbia is the perfect place to try forest bathing.
  • BodyHoliday in St. Lucia offers Ayurvedic pampering that will melt away your stress.

For more retreat ideas, check out:

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