Keeping up your workout routine on vacation just got WAY easier.

Going on vacation is awesome. Traveling for work, also pretty cool. Hotel gyms? Not usually so great. Of course there are exceptions, but in general, hotel fitness facilities just aren't the same as what you're used to at home-especially if you have a relatively wide selection of equipment at your gym or a particularly intense workout routine. (Go you!) Luckily, Westin Hotels & Resorts is working on changing that. (Here, find three quick workouts designed for busy travel days.)

As part of the hotel chain's efforts to offer healthy food and become fitness-friendly (they've already got super-comfy beds to ensure a great night's sleep and a SuperFoodsRx-approved dining menu), they're introducing WestinWORKOUT rooms, which come fully equipped with a Peloton spin bike. Yup, you can actually get in a spin workout without leaving your hotel room. Top it off with healthy room service and you've got yourself a wellness retreat. (Side note: This is how to ride harder and faster in spin class.)

If you've never heard of Peloton bikes before, they're pretty amazing. With the high-tech video screen, you can choose to take pre-recorded or live spin classes right from your bike at any hour. How convenient is that? With a variety of different types of classes, instructors, and levels of intensity, you're all set to get whatever kind of workout you're in the mood for. For once, traveling doesn't mean you have to mess up your usual exercise schedule.

And if you don't spring for the workout-specific room, which is available in Westin hotels in nine major cities across the U.S., you can just head to the fitness center to get your sweat on, because they also just installed Peloton bikes at over 30 of their hotel locations. In other words, if you're staying in one of their hotels or resorts, it's safe to say your fitness needs are covered. Now, if only we could get these bikes installed in *all* hotels, we'd be set.