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Work Out Like a Local

South Beach: Abs

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Where to stay: The Setai

South Beach is all about the bikinis, so having a toned tummy is ideal when strolling on the beach. The Setai, one of Miami’s most luxurious beach hotels, has three pools — each a different temperature — and a prime beachside location.

To get those toned abs that’ll turn heads, try planking, side crunching, The Hundred (an amazing Pilates move), and bicycle abs. Watch your 6-pack form in no time!

New York: Legs

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Where to stay: The Surrey

New York is a walking city. As the city is easily walk-able in terms of directions, distance, and sidewalks, you’ll find yourself choosing the walking route more frequently than other modes of transportation. The Surrey, a beautiful hotel on the Upper East Side, is located just a block from Central Park, perfect for a power walk or long stroll.

For strong, durable legs, try squats, lunges, wall sits, and calf raises.

Maui: Arms

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Where to stay:The Hyatt Regency Maui Resort And Spa

One of Hawaii’s most notable fun features is its luaus, a traditional Hawaiian celebration. You’ll dazzle at native Hawaiian men and women dancing, singing and playing musical to the beat of the drum — and you may find it hard to stay seated. The Hyatt Regency Maui, one of the top powerhouse resorts on Kaanapali Beach, has a luau like you’ve never seen called Drums of the Pacific.

The luau highlights muscular arms, so you’ll want to tone those biceps and triceps with dumbbell curls, forearm planks, chair dips, and pushups.

Costa Rica: Cardio

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Where to stay: Gaia Hotel And Reserve

Costa Rica is all about being outdoors, hiking and getting back in touch with nature. Although you can do all of this with plenty of luxury, the rain forests, jungles and mountain ranges will have your footprints all over them. Gaia Hotel and Reserve sits on a 14-acre reserve in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. Just about every sort of outdoor activity is available in or near Manuel Antonio: hiking, snorkeling, scuba diving, water sports, boating, horseback riding, waterfall rappelling, canopy safaris…the list goes on.

For the best cardio strength, try running, spinning, swimming, dancing, jump rope and stair stepping.

Las Vegas: Total Body

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Where to stay: Hard Rock Hotel and Casino

Las Vegas pool parties are all the rage these days, where top disc jockeys come to spin their hottest beats. Hard Rock is one of the most unapologetically hedonistic hotels in Las Vegas, which is a hard trophy to come by in this town. On Sunday, the Beach Club Pool hosts Rehab — a pool party so raucous, they turned it into its own reality TV show.

If you want to dance to the beats while flaunting your figure head to toe, you should get involved in some total body moves to see muscles growing everywhere. Try: squat and bicep curl, rotational lunge and shoulder press, plank with front raise, deadlifts with overhead raise, lunges and tricep raises.

San Francisco: Mind and Body

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Where to stay: Campton Place Taj Hotel

As a city full of laid-back hippies, ambitious yuppies and healthy yogis, San Fran is the place to be for a peace of mind. At The Campton Place Taj Hotel, the elegant rooms, excellent service, open-air gym, fine dining restaurants and central Union Square location will have you feeling pampered and relaxed for your entire trip.

To get in that Zen state of mind, start in Child’s Pose, move into Downward Facing Dog, then Warrior I. Slide into Peaceful Pose, then move into Tree Pose, slide your leg down to Mountain Pose, jump back into Plank Pose and end in Cobra.


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