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If You Do One Thing This Month...Clear Out Your Cell Phone

Your closet gets an
overhaul every season,
but when was the last time
you scoured the contents of
your cell phone? Wading
through your wireless once a
year helps you get organized,
and has an additional benefit:
"A cell phone holds your
network of social support,"
says Rene McGovern, Ph.D., a
professor of neurobehavioral
sciences at A.T. Still University
in Kirksville, Missouri. "Erasing
outdated contacts-like
people who are no longer in
your life-will help you get rid
of emotional baggage."

Delete old acquaintances
whose last names you can't
remember, numbers you
rarely use that can be found
online, and (trust us here)
ex-flames. Scroll
through your address book
to make sure you have
essential contacts, like
your doctors. Then add one
new entry to the list: ICE
(in case of emergency). It's
the person you'd want
someone to call on your
behalf if you were ill
or in an accident. When
you're done, reward
yourself by dialing
a friend who made
your virtual cut.


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