Your closet gets anoverhaul every season,but when was the last timeyou scoured the contents ofyour cell phone? Wadingthrough your wireless once ayear helps you get organized,and has an additional benefit:"A cell phone holds yournetwork of social support,"says Rene McGovern, Ph.D., aprofessor of neurobehavioralsciences at A.T. Still Universityin Kirksville, Missouri. "Erasingoutdated contacts-likepeople who are no longer inyour life-will help you get ridof emotional baggage."Delete old acquaintanceswhose last names you can'tremember, numbers yourarely use that can be foundonline, and (trust us here)ex-flames. Scrollthrough your address bookto make sure you haveessential contacts, likeyour doctors. Then add onenew entry to the list: ICE(in case of emergency). It'sthe person you'd wantsomeone to call on yourbehalf if you were illor in an accident. Whenyou're done, rewardyourself by dialinga friend who madeyour virtual cut.