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Love Your Body: Real Women Reveal What Makes Their Bodies Great

Love your body: Feet

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"Today I love my feet because they continue to get me through work and will get me through my 4-miler later on tonight, with a new pair of shoes to break in." —Bobbi Jo King Aune

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Love your body: Booty

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"Today I love the shape my booty is taking because of all the uphill sprints and squats!!!! Yay butt!!!!" —Jillian Marie Blakley

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Love your body: Hips

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"I love my hips that will help me wiggle through my Zumba/Belly dancing class in about an hour." —Andrea Wynne

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Love your body: Brain

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"I love my brainpower—it gave me the strength to work out even though it was the last thing I wanted to do today!" —Alicia Lampman Marchman

Love your body: Lower body

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"I love my legs, hips, and butt!!! They make my waist look smaller! But seriously, I do. Oh yeah—and my back; it has just the right amount of muscle!!" —Candy Cisneros

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