Because sweat makes you (and your relationship) stronger.

When Stephanie Hughes and Joseph Keith got engaged, they knew they wanted to tie the knot at a place that held some emotional significance. For them, that place was their local Planet Fitness, which is where they first met and fell in love. (Related: 10 New Rules for Wedding Season)

"Joe first approached me in the PF 360 room and asked if I was using a piece of equipment," Stephanie told Shape. "I looked up at him and was like, 'holy crap this guy is really hot,' and it kind of evolved from there."

In the following weeks, the couple exchanged numbers and started scheduling what they call "gym dates" to hang out and workout together. "I knew I wanted to be with someone who had the same motivation as me when it came to health and fitness," Stephanie said. "So the fact that we both inspired and pushed each other to work harder at the gym, hugely contributed to the spark we already had and felt." (See also: 10 Fit Celeb Couples Who Make Working Out Together a Priority)

planet Fitness
Photo: Planet Fitness

Fast forward a year and a half and Keith popped the question. The couple was in the midst of deciding where they wanted to get married when Stephanie had an epiphany. "I was running on one of the treadmills upstairs at Planet Fitness and overlooking the whole place and I remember thinking, 'I can see myself getting married here,'" Stephanie said. "I knew it was weird and super unconventional, but this was the place where we met, where we fell in love, where we still work out, so why not start the next chapter of our lives here?" (Related: This Couple Got Married at Taco Bell and It Was Fantastic)

Photo: Planet Fitness

So Stephanie decided to reach out to the gym via Facebook to see if hosting a wedding there was even a possibility. "I had to at least try because I knew I would regret it if I didn't."

Sure enough, a couple weeks later, the gym reached out to the couple letting them know that they were going to make their dream a reality. "I thought they'd forgotten about us, but when I got that message, my jaw was on the ground, and I instantly began jumping up and down with excitement."

Planet Fitness Wedding
Photo: Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness shut down their local facility to host the ceremony which took place by the 30-minute express workout area. The wedding itself was officiated by Planet Fitness manager, Kristen Stanger, who's become a close friend to the couple over the years. "I really wanted everything to be meaningful so it made sense for Kristen to officiate us since she's watched our entire story unfold," Stephanie said.

Planet Fitness Wedding
Photo: Planet Fitness

As far as the wedding's theme goes, the couple decided to go with the gym's signature purple color and subbed out the yellow for gold. "We thought it would be a cool way to make it seem a little fancier," Stephanie said. The bridesmaids wore floor-length gold dresses and held purple and white bouquets and the guests received purple tootsie rolls as wedding favors and enjoyed Planet Fitness inspired cookies.

The day couldn't have gone better. "Planet Fitness has gone beyond my expectations," Stephanie says. "This has literally been a dream come true."

Watch the couple tie the knot in the video below.