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Meet SHAPE's Women In Action


Get to know the experts! Here’s an inside look at SHAPE's Women In Action’s best life tips:



Her #1 life tip: Every now and then, leave the house wearing make-up you don’t think you can pull off.

“People steer clear of edgier trends because they don’t feel safe taking risks with their looks, but trying one bold hue for a day is fun and will show you that you can get away with more than you think. Like this spring, fruity colors are big. So sweep on a ‘who does she think she is’ shadow and enjoy turning heads.”


ANNIE LEE: Entertaining

Her #1 life tip: Once the guests arrive, join them and go with the flow.

“Something will always go not exactly as planned, but constantly worrying will ruin the party. Believe me, nobody will notice that you didn’t serve one of the appetizers because it was burned. Instead, turn your attention to spending a little bit of time with each of your guests so that they leave feeling important. Remember, they came to see you.”

weighted vest

DR. BELISA VRANICH: Sex & Relationships

Her #1 life tip: Find an activity or hobby that makes you feel sensual.

“You don’t have to take a pole dancing class, although that can work. Just do something that lets you luxuriate in your senses. Maybe it’s cooking and eating a delicious meal. Or dancing and moving your body to the rhythm.”



LAUREN ING: Friends & Family

Her #1 life tip: Be a better listener.

“Too often when you’re talking with someone, you hear them but don’t absorb what they’re saying. This can make them feel neglected and can lead to conflict. The first step: Don’t interrupt or multitask; just be with the person you’re with.”



Her #1 life tip: Network every single day.

“I don’t mean going to professional mixers—it can happen when you’re sitting at the dog park or waiting in line for coffee. Talk to people, ask what they do, find a connection. That will do more for helping you get a new job than any amount of online searching.”



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