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Can Antibiotics Make Your Birth Control Less Effective?

Whether you use the pill or the patch, here’s how antibiotics affect birth control—and if you need to use back-up protection.
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How I Beat Coronavirus While Fighting Metastatic Cancer for the Second Time

Forced to pause chemotherapy because of the global pandemic, Eliza Paris returned home to Georgia, only to face another battle—this time with COVID-19. The 27-year-old shares her journey overcoming the virus with metastatic cancer.
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Why You Shouldn't Get a Massage When You're Sick

Even if it's just a minor cold, cancel that appointment to protect yourself and others.
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J.Lo's Go-to Activewear Brand Is Selling Sweat-Wicking Face Masks

A-listers including Jennifer Garner, Shay Mitchell, and Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian are all equally obsessed with Koral activewear.
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This Brooklyn Park Painted Circles On the Grass to Encourage Social Distancing

One person referred to the circles as "human parking spots."