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10 Creative Ways to Celebrate a Fitness Success

Tally Tattoo

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"[After my first marathon], I got '26.2' tattooed on my calf. Now I'm adding little pink 'runner girls' after each successive marathon to tally my runs. I'm getting a 13.1 on the other calf, but I need a different tally mark because I have done 15 of those!"

—Jodi Strohl

Monogrammed Shorts

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Track shorts are a closet staple for every runner. They're comfortable, breathable, and come in a wide variety of colors. Now you can celebrate an awesome race by getting a pair of running shorts embroidered with anything from your name to '26.2,' like these fun ones from PreppyPaperGirl.

PR Running Board

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If you're an avid runner, remembering which race you ran when and what your personal record was for that course can be tough. But thanks to a PR running board like this one from MyRusticBoardSigns, you can keep your times—and bragging rights—all in one place!

Triathlon Sugar Cookies

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Post-race is the perfect time to eat some of your fave celebratory foods (in moderation, of course!). With custom sugar cookies like these triathlon-themed treats from NotBettyCookies, you can share your sweet glory with all of your friends.

A New 'Do

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"In honor of my first triathlon, I shaved racing stripes into my hair. I don't know if it made me any faster, but I love that this is what people saw when I passed them! I actually wanted to dye them red to match my tri suit but we couldn't find any red dye in time. Next time!" —Don Seiler

Custom Running Gear

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Women often treat themselves to new workout gear as a reward for accomplishing a health goal, whether it's losing weight, training for a marathon, or competing in their first powerlifting competition. And while there's no shortage of stylish stuff at the big name stores, you can set yourself apart from all the black-legging-wearing runners with a one-of-a-kind skirt like this fun (and a little flashy) combo from MicksMakings.

Personalized Sneakers

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"I custom painted my Chuck Taylor's! I retired my old shoes after competing as a powerlifter in them for 12 years, so I got these new ones to celebrate an upcoming competition that will qualify me for the Arnold Classic in March!"

—Julia Ladewski of Girls Gone Strong

Triathlon Sculpture

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Why not make your decor an ode to a fun memory like your first triathlon? This sculpture from BCMetalCraft beats a random picture of kittens in a basket any day.

Knitting Class

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"I always try to do a little something for myself after a marathon. For instance, when I qualified for Boston, I bought myself my first pair of designer jeans. After I ran the New York City Marathon, I signed up for a knitting class to treat myself. This is the throw I made in the class!"

—Lora Johnson of Crazy Running Girl

Custom Jewelry

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"A friend got me something I was planning on purchasing after my first half marathon: It was a necklace with a bar pendant that has the words 'strength,' 'courage,' and 'perseverance' on three sides, and the fourth side has the date of the half [marathon] hand stamped in the metal. The date was significant not only because it was my first half marathon, but because it was the fourth anniversary of my mom's passing from Parkinson's disease, and I did the half to raise money for Parkinson's research."

—Emily Sandford of Skinny Emmie


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