Get some R&R without stepping foot on a plane! Here, a list of "dos" and "dont's" for a self-indulgent stay-at-home weekend
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Real talk: we're all inevitably going to fall victim to some form of travel envy this summer. As it gets deeper into vacation season, friends, family, and the people behind the random Instagram accounts you follow all seem to be going on the coolest trips while you're left to languish at home.

At the end of 2014, Google Trends reported a 10 percent bump in searches for the term "staycation" as compared to the year prior. More and more, people are opting out of expensive, oftentimes stressful getaways in favor of something local. (But, if you are jetting off somewhere, read up on 3 Ways Airports are Making It Healthier to Travel.) So rather than get down about being stuck in your own city, plan a glorious stay-at-home weekend instead. Indulge in a little "me" time and treat yourself to some seriously needed pampering. When it's all done, you won't even realize you weren't on a real vacation. We swear.

1. Do schedule that boutique fitness class.


All too often, our visions of a weekend that starts with an a.m. workout get pushed to the wayside. Give yourself the gift of a morning HIIT or spin class. Go hard. Get sweaty. Then relish the fact that you don't have to rush off to the next thing right after. (Or, check out The 15 Next Big Fitness Trends that we love.)

2. Don't be on your cellphone.


Disconnect as much as possible. We get it-sometimes a quick text or a momentary scroll through your Facebook feed just feels right. But don't overdo it. Everything you miss will be there waiting for you on Monday. Wouldn't you rather look at it then anyway?

3. Do brunch.


Yes, we mean it as a verb. And it'll taste even better when you think about all the calories you burned off during your kick-butt morning workout. (Or wow your friends with 15 Brilliant Brunch Recipes for Your Best Weekend Ever.)

4. Don't set an alarm for Sunday morning.


There are few things (honestly, probably nothing) better than waking up slowly and into total silence. Go a step further by laying curled up under the covers for a while, maybe even throwing on some Netflix if you're feeling crazy.

5. Do get into total vacation mode.


Do it for your sanity, but also do it for your health. Getting to that place where you feel totally removed from the daily grind and giving your body and mind the chance to reset is very important. According to research from the American Sociological Association, a vacation enhances your mood, relieves psychological stress, and strengthens bonds in social networks. What's not to love?

6. Don't worry about what's on your work calendar for Monday.


Until you absolutely have to.

7. Do pamper yourself.


Get that extra-long spa mani-pedi you've been putting off for months; put cucumbers on your eyes while someone gives you a spectacular facial; or schedule a massage so unbelievable that you feel like you're on a tropical island rather than the place down the road. (In a pinch? Here's how to Give Yourself a Soothing 5-Minute Massage.)

8. Don't be afraid to be social.


A staycation doesn't mean that you have to be by yourself the entire time. Schedule one or two outings with friends (remember that brunch we mentioned?) so that you can reaffirm those relationships and spend quality time with the people that you might miss out on usually. Maintaining strong friendships helps stave off depression and contributes to overall emotional health, according to research from PLOS One. Plus, they can also help improve your physical health. (Read more on that here: Why You Should Join a Walking Group.)

9. Do cook an amazing dinner for yourself at home (and DO include a nice glass of wine to go with it).


So often during the weeknight chaos we find ourselves rushing through a take-out meal or throwing together the last things we have in our fridge. Take back Saturday night. Head down to your favorite market (we happen to be big fans of farmers markets) and pick up fresh, local produce. Cook slowly and unwind with vino in hand.

10. Don't assume that you know your city all that well.


No matter where you are or how long you've been there, we can guarantee there's still something to discover. Whether it's that swanky new restaurant you've been meaning to try, the tiny corner bookstore run by a long-time local, or a particular vantage point you've been scoping out, we promise there's something. To keep it active, take a long bike ride to explore the city's untapped corners. Or go on a long walk so that you can get into pedestrian only areas. (Need more inspiration? Check out The Best Reason to Cook Your Own Dinner.)

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