It's that glorious time of the year when you'd rather skip brunch altogether than deign to eat a meal inside

By Alyssa Sparacino
Updated: June 14, 2016

1. Sorry (not sorry) it took so long for me to get ready.

Eating outside means more people can see you, and you wouldn't want to wear just any old pair of shorts and a tank when you could wear that new boho maxi and ankle-tie sandals you just got.

2. Does this food taste better just because I'm outside? Yes!

Somehow an average chicken sandwich turns into the best damn sandwich you ever ate in your life. All it takes is a little sunshine and people watching.

3. If I close my eyes, I can pretend I'm in Tuscany instead of sitting on a busy street corner.

Why does al fresco eating somehow transport you to a land where you feel like you're eating garden-fresh produce and drinking local vineyard wine under some man-made pergola with ivy and twinkling lights in the middle of Italy's green hills?

4. My IG followers will never know that a fly as been hovering on my mimosa glass all morning.

Gotta get that above the table shot that makes it look like you ordered everything on the menu.

5. This awkward criss-cross tank top sunburn I'm getting on my back is totally worth it.

Never underestimate the need for SPF.

6. The weather will never keep me from my al fresco brunch.

You know when summer is alllllmost there, but it hasn't quite peaked 62°F yet? Yeah, well, as long as those tables and chairs have been put on the café patio, you'll be outside pretending it's 76° and sunny.

7. People-watching should be a sport.

You may or may not choose the table facing the streets because you just can't buy entertainment better than people watching. (Did you just see that couple on their very obvious first date?!)

8. Rosé.

Why even put any other drink on the menu? Go somewhere else with your crafted cocktail list.

9. Two is good, but four is better.

Eating loads of delicious food and ordering just one more drink is best with good company.

10. OK, I'm hot and full now. Let's go back inside.

The laughs were had and the food has been cleared and you're left with the aftermath of an al fresco meal only to realize you're in a food coma from all that fun. Bump up the A/C and grab a blanket. It's naptime.



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