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10 Ways to Change Your Life in 30 Seconds or Less

Quick Fix #1: Fold Your Yoga Mat

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Fold your yoga mat in half before you roll it up after yoga class. You'll avoid getting dirt and germs on the side you do poses on. Your yoga mat's not the only place bacteria lurks. Here, five things everyone with a reusable water bottle must know.

Quick Fix #2: Switch Your Grip

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The next time you do arm exercises such as curls or raises, try reversing your palms. The simple tweak will target your muscles from a different angle, prompting new results. To get toned arms in record time, try this 10-minute routine.

Quick Fix #3: Stand Up Before You Touch the Toilet Handle

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One in three people flush the toilet while sitting down. If you're one of them, consider this: When you flush, droplets of water spray in the air. That means you can be exposed to bacteria, which increases your risk of getting a urinary tract infection.

Quick Fix #4: Free Up Mental Space

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Research suggests that picturing a broom sweeping away unnecessary details—like last month's expense report—can boost memory. Improving your mood is just as easy. These four yoga poses—from Jennifer Aniston's yogi—can help you feel better fast.

Quick Fix #5: Add Flavor, Not Fat

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Give your greens a low-calorie kick in one fell swoop: Rub a wooden salad bowl with a peeled garlic clove. This adds just the right amount of flavor without being overpowering. Bonus: Garlic can also help relieve symptoms of allergies. Here, four more home remedies to get relief from allergies.

Quick Fix #6: Kiss the Guy Good-Bye!

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Nasty breakup got you down? Visit for all the tools you need to put the relationship in perspective and move on with your life. The empowering (and very pink!) site allows you to send feel-good flowers, chocolates, texts and emails to yourself or a grieving friend, or just bond over your EX-perience with women who have walked in your shoes.

Quick Fix #7: Measure Your Medicine

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Use a measuring spoon to take your medicine. Research shows when people eyeball a serving of liquid Rx, they misjudge the amount by up to 12 percent. That means you may be getting too little—or too much. It's a different story when it comes to healthy snacks. Find out how pre-packaged 100-calorie packs can make you fat.

Quick Fix #8: Put an End to Emotional Eating

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The next time stress has you reaching for chips or chocolate, try this trick: Put your negative feelings on a mental conveyor belt and watch them go away. “It helps you let go of whatever's bothering you," says Edie Goldbacher, Ph.D., a researcher at Temple University's Center for Obesity Research and Education. As you see the anxiety vanish, so will your candy craving.

Quick Fix #9: Sprinkle Salt for Less Fat

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Save yourself from greasy eggplant by sprinkling slices with a little salt. (Rinse and pat dry once beads of moisture rise to the surface.) This makes the flesh less spongy—and prevents it from absorbing too much oil. For more healthy cooking tips, check out these simple substitutions from a celebrity fitness consultant.

Quick Fix #10: Mix Your Own Kitchen Cleaner

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Whip up your own inexpensive kitchen cleaner by adding a tablespoon of bleach to a gallon of water. Bleach-based disinfectants are 100 times more effective at killing noroviruses, a top cause of food poisoning, than other products. Save money on beauty products, too! Here, 10 totally doable home beauty tips.


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