Simple, inexpensive ways to celebrate your weight-loss success—without food

Celebrate your healthy accomplishments with a healthy (and cheap!) treat for $10 or less. Instead of breaking the bank, overindulging, or hindering your healthy progress, each of these ideas supports your new balanced lifestyle.

1. Dig into a new book: Even if you have the best intentions to read regularly, work and other obligations manage to get in the way. Schedule out a block of time to read a few chapters of a book you've been wanting to check out for a long time. If you're not a huge reader, buying a physical (or virtual) stack of fresh magazines is another welcome luxury with little cost!

2. Make your own face mask: You might not want to shell out a ton of cash for a professional facial, but with just four common ingredients (most of which you already have in your kitchen!), you can DIY your own peel-off face mask with this tutorial from POPSUGAR Beauty.

3. Download new music: Nothing motivates like a quality workout playlist. Either download a handful of new songs you love on iTunes, or buy a month of Spotify Premium for $10. This way, you can have all of our workout playlists with you on all your devices with no commercials whatsoever.

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4. Buy a bauble on Etsy: Sure, Etsy has some high-end expensive jewelry, but there are plenty of stylish options for under $10! This neon bib necklace will help you make a statement this summer, but this running bracelet might remind you to stick with the program.

5. Sleep in late: Instead of waking up early to make time for a Sunday morning workout, give yourself permission to sleep in and lounge around as late as you want. Beyond being free, taking time to rest is necessary for a healthy lifestyle.

6. Buy a bouquet of flowers: Stroll through a farmers market to pick out a big bouquet of reasonably priced flowers. When you look at the arrangement in your home or office, you'll be reminded of how you hit your goals. While you're at the farmers market, you can also stock up on all the fresh produce you'll need for the week!

7. Chill out in the park: When the weather is hot, grab a friend and spend a few hours in the sun. There's something about being in nature that helps you reconnect, relax, and feel like you're on a mini vacation. Just be sure to load up on sunscreen and water for your day date!

8. Movie marathon: Turn on HBO, hang out on Netflix or Hulu, and allow yourself the time to chill out and watch a slew of movies you've been dying to see. Whether they're brand new, classics, or documentaries, just be sure to relax and make it about the movies and not about a ton of unhealthy snacks.

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9. Take time for a bubble bath: Most of the time you're in a rush to get in and out of the shower and on with your day, so slow down and start pouring those bubbles into a hot bath. If a bubble bath isn't your thing, light a few candles or pour in some Epsom salts. Your body will thank you for it later.

10. Grab a new workout DVD: Stay on track with your workout plan, and order a new fitness DVD. Whether you buy something inexpensive on Amazon or pick one up at Target, having some fresh fitness inspiration will help you achieve continued success and reach your next healthy goal.

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