SHAPE editors share their plans for a staying healthy and happy in 2015

By Marnie Soman Schwartz

Being healthy and happy is about so much more than fitting into a certain size pair of jeans. So rather than vow to lose the last 5 (or the first 20) pounds (again!), try one of the healthy resolutions our staff is making this year. Wish us luck!

Take Walking Breaks


"My goal is to get up from my desk to take walking breaks more often-even if it's only for five minutes!"

-Kylie Gilbert, Digital Editorial Assistant (It's a good idea-here's why sitting is worse than we thought!)

Conquer a Fear of Heights


"I want to learn how to rock climb to get over my fear of heights."

-Bianca Mendez, Web Producer

Host More Dinner Parties


"This year, I want to host more creative (yet not time- or money-consuming) dinner parties."

-Elizabeth Goodman Artis, Chief Content Director (If this is your resolution, too, start with The Top 5 Recipes Every Woman Should Know.)

Limit Screen Time


"I'm resolving to not check my phone in bed!"

-Hannah Doyle, Editorial Assistant

Try New Fitness Classes


"My plan is to get a friend to try a new workout class once a month with me. I won't get bored with my workouts and I'm guaranteed more girlfriend time."

-Rachael Schultz, News Editor

Bring Lunch From Home


"I want to start making my lunches (like these 10 Filling Vegetarian Sandwiches) instead of eating out every day-it's healthier, and I'll save money!"

-Jenny Hart, Photo Assistant

Express Gratitude


"I plan on showing gratitude more often."

-Kelsey Castañon, Assistant Beauty Editor

Make Date Night More Special


"My boyfriend and I resolved to go on more fun, special dates this year. We end up watching TV on the couch too often!"

-Julia Malacoff, Fashion Editor

Go On More Running Dates


"I want to run more with friends. After being a solo runner for more than 30 years, I've recently tried running with a friend in the morning and I am amazed at how different the run feels. It makes the route go by much quicker and it gives me about an hour of uninterrupted chat time with various friends."

-Rory Evans, Deputy Editor (You can also try one of these 10 Running Goals You Should Make for 2015.)

See My Docs


"I'm making myself a promise to make appointments with various doctors, like my dermatologist and allergist, to stay on top of my health."

-Nicole Morelli, Assistant Fashion Editor

Get Back to the Barre


"I've taken ballet classes on and off since I was seven years old, but my attendance has lapsed in the past few years. I plan on doing lots (and lots!) of plies in 2015."

-Marnie Soman Schwartz, Nutrition Editor


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