Internet wins that are also body-pos wins

By Lauren Mazzo

1. When J. Law reminded everyone that the number on the scale is entirely irrelevant.

And that 1) food is not the enemy and 2) skinny is not the goal.

2. When Khloe Kadashian proved not one or two but three times that she's body-pos AF.

Because everyone has a beautiful body.

And though she's worked hard for the body she has today, she's always been gorgeous (at any weight).

(There is a reason we picked her as our latest Shape cover star.)

3. When Lady Gaga showed just why she makes a fabulous and supportive Mother Monster.

4. When Meghan Trainor reminded yout to love your bass (or treble), even if it takes some time.

5. When (baby) Miley reminded us that beauty is inside your body (not inside the crazy outfit)

6. When Nicki got really real about having imprefections-and said she's proud of them.

7. When Emma Stone reminded us that we should value ourselves by what we can do, not how we look.

(And, in that vein, we should all just stop judging women's bodies-including our own.)

8. When Demi pointed out that being body positive isn't always easy or perfect.

She still knows all the right words to say.

And loving the outside isn't the most important part of self-love.

(She's just one of many celebs who've given the middle finger to body-shamers.)

9. When Beyonce reminded us that we should all feel like queens.

10. When Amanda Seyfield pointed out that less isn't always more.

(And P.S. skinny shaming is an issue too.)

11. When Emma Watson dished some #realtalk: True self-love and acceptance starts on the inside.

12. When Mindy Kaling proved that fitness looks different (and beautiful) on everyone.

(She's also one of our fave celebs who are refreshingly honest about how much working out can suck.)

#LoveMyShape: Because our bodies are badass and feeling strong, healthy, and confident is for everyone. Tell us why you love your shape and help us spread the #bodylove.


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