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12 Sayings to Get You Moving, Lifting, and Laughing

My Butt is Big

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Muscular thighs, big butt, wide shoulders: Whatever body part of yours you've been taught to hate, Nike wants to change your mind.

Make Yourself Strong

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We are what we continually do. It turns out Dr. Phil was right on that one. So make your habits good ones.

The First Step Out the Door

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Just showing up is half the battle. No matter how slow you go, you're still outrunning everyone at home in their beds.

Christie Brinkley

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If Christie Brinkley is still dancing (and looking this smoking!) at 57, then I want to be able to as well!

Reason to Be Fit: The Hunger Games

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OK so your life will probably never lead you to a gladiator death-match on TV, but being strong will help you with whatever does come along.

Why I Run

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Sure, having a tighter tush and stronger lungs is great, but sometimes what we're running away from is as important as what we are running to. Running is my Prozac. Why do you run (swim, cycle, lift weights, etc.)?

You're More Important than the Scale

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Sometimes you just need a little reminder that getting healthy is way more important than getting skinny.

Sexy Face

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You don't need to look sexy to work out, but working out will sure help you look sexier!

Strong is the New Skinny

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Strength is powerful. Power is beautiful.

What Does Success Mean to You?

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How do you define success? By what you've done or by how you feel?

If Weights Could Talk...

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If your weights could talk, would they be crying because they miss you or pushing you to do one more rep?

Strong is Beautiful

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Need we say more?


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