Sure, they're healthy. But just like any good habit, standing work stations take some getting used to

By Sara Angle

Standing desks have become the norm in many offices (including the Shape headquarters), but switching from being on your seat all day to being on your feet is easier said than done. If you decide to make the switch, you'll definitely hit some highs and lows your first day-after a few hours, you may even start to doubt your new healthy habit. (If your workplace doesn't offer standing desks, don't worry: It's still possible to lose weight sitting at your desk.)

1. This is cool! I feel so tall and have such great posture!

2. It's like I have legs for the first time!

3. Wow, it's really hard not to make awkward eye contact with everyone who walks by.

4. I wish people wouldn't come in and sit down.

5. Does alternating between standing and sitting count as squats? (Err...probably not. But here are 10 Sneaky Ways to Fit a Workout into Your Day.)

6. Why is my coffee so far away?

7. These heels really hurt. Time to switch to flats!

8. This definitely makes me have to pee more.

9. Why doesn't this count towards my Fitbit activity? I deserve credit!

10. This chair is in my way...

11. My feet are SCREAMING! (Maybe you need a pair of these 13 Cute Shoes That Are Good for Your Feet?)

12. My legs just feel like jelly!

13. That's it. I'm sitting.

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