The 15 Emotional Stages You Go Through While Working From Home

Ditching the office can be simultaneously freeing and isolating — here are some of the feelings you might have on your WFH days.

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As much as going to the office can have its perks (namely, you know, human interaction), working from home comes with its unique pleasures. Who doesn't love staying snuggled up at home with your pajamas on and your pets at your side?

Not to mention, most people can get as much done on their personal laptops as they can in their cubicle. Science even proves it: a study published in the Harvard Business Review found that the performance of at-home workers increased by 13 percent over nine months compared to employees who stayed in the office.

But working from home can also be a lonely, isolating experience, which is one reason why the office lifestyle probably won't ever completely disappear.

Still, if you WFH every once in a while — or even if you swear by the home office lifestyle — you've probably experienced this rollercoaster of emotions:

1. Yay, I don't have to go to the office today! I feel like a little kid again.

2. Maybe I should sleep in a little extra — after all, there's no commuting.

3. Plus, I don't even have to wear pants for this!

4. I want to high-five myself because I'm so impressed about the amount of work I can actually get done from bed.

5. Okay...starting to realize how uncomfortable working on a laptop in bed is after four straight hours. Time to move to the couch.

6. This is much better — I'm so focused.

7. Oh no...I just realized I'm sitting across from the TV.

8. I can queue up all my favorite shows!

9. Welp, there goes my productivity.

10. The only exercise I've gotten all day is walking to and from my fridge. Does chewing count as exercise?

11. Putting my volume on max without headphones is the best.

12. There's nothing better than getting to snuggle your pets while you work!

13. Okay, dragged myself to the gym. Who are all these people here right now? It's the middle of the day on a weekday. Don't they have jobs?

14. I love being by myself.

15. Actually, I hate being by myself. Please let the offices be open tomorrow.

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