I had a problem sitting still for long periods of time—nevermind actually relaxing—until I got this weighted blanket.

By Emily Abbate
January 14, 2020
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Eight Sleep

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There are a few things inside my apartment that I use absolutely every day. My toothbrush, for starters. The Nespresso machine because, caffeine. And, of course, the throw blanket on my couch. There's nothing better than snuggling up with a soft and cozy blanket after a long day of running around, especially on Bachelor Mondays. As far as I'm concerned, it's the most critical thing in the living room, next to the couch itself.

So, you can imagine how bummed I was when I tried washing my favorite throw a few months back, and it didn't bounce back to the same level of fluff I had become accustomed to. I instantly started the hunt for a new favorite. In all of my searching from Pottery Barn hand-knitted classics to Target bargain finds, I naturally stumbled into the weighted blanket category. The first thing I noticed? Holy price tag: Popular weighted blankets range from $84 to $400.

But alas, I'd heard so much hype. Plus, research says weighted blankets can reduce anxiety and help with chronic pain. (Not to mention, they could also improve your sleep.) With one look at my never-ending to-do list and a deep breath trying to calm what feels like ambient anxiety, I decided to go all-in with the weighted blanket trend.

Enter, the Eight Sleep x Gravity Throw Blanket (Buy It, $300, eightsleep.com. You can find a similar, less expensive, original Gravity Weighted Blanket on Amazon). Within a few minutes of laying there, curled up on the couch with the 15-pound weighted blanket on top of me, the light grey blanket began to feel like a nice hug. Still, I quickly realized that sitting with it, when I knew I'd be getting up and down, was not an ideal way to utilize it. But when I was lounging for the long haul? Absolute perfection. The longer I owned the weighted blanket, the more I looked forward to coming home and sitting with it. (Related: The Best Weighted Blankets for People Who Are Always Cold)

With the blanket draped across my legs, I feel an odd sense of calm. As someone who isn't exactly great at sitting still, throwing it over my body is a signal that it's time to relax, and now I've been able to do just that. Not only is that weighted sensation comforting, but the physical material feels so nice as well.

Temperature-wise, I typically run warm. I'm one of those never-turn-on-the-heat-in-winter folks, so I really appreciated the throw's cooling duvet base. It's also perfectly sized, to boot, so I can lounge with it in bed or use it in the living room. Now, if it was only this easy to choose which show to binge-watch next.

Buy It: Eight Sleep x Gravity Throw Blanket, $300, eightsleep.com



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