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15 Photos That Will Inspire You to Hit 'Reset' on Your New Year's Resolution

Own It

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This January and February, SHAPE and VSX Sport challenged fans to make a commitment to healthy living and share their resolutions for the world to see. Thousands of fans participated by snapping motivational photos on Instagram with the hashtag #OWNIT. Here are 15 of our favorite submissions that might just inspire you to recommit to that goal you set on January 1.

Image courtesy of @sara_rodgers

Strong is Sexy

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@Rxstrengthtrain knows that strong is sexy. It looks like she's in on another secret too: Lifting heavy weights won’t bulk you up. Just look at her amazing body.

Making Fitness a Family Affair

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Making time for family and fitness, @sugarpopmomma does yoga every day—sometimes with cute company!

Breakfast of Champions

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@Fitnessstyle set herself up for success by starting the day with blueberry whey pancakes and banana. Yum!

Pretty in Pink

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The right accessories keep @melizzzah_ on track. “Just got my first pair of lifting gloves! Of course they’re pink,” she says.

In It to Win It

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@Fitforlife12 goes for gold in an elevated push-up contest. Think she’ll win?

Day by Day

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There are so many reasons to work out. @Drewdy13 lets a new one inspire every day.

Heavy Reading

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“No gym. No problem,” says @zoemakayla. She always knew those textbooks were good for something!

Eye on the Prize

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Talk about goal setting! @Cassandrix is training for two 5K’s in May—and she knows nutrition matters as much as training.

Sunday Funday

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Forget boozy brunch, @elisedevon found a healthier way to end the weekend on a high note. “Boxing Sundays are the best Sundays,” says @elisedevon.

Record Breaker

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One way to improve: Break your own record. What does @prettyautumnleaves have to say about her longest plank time yet? “Killing it tonight!”

Making Fitness Fun

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It’s hard not to stick with it when your workout is this awesome. @Jaimemiller13 is on track with her New Year’s resolution of gymnastics twice a week.

Rise and Shine (at the Gym)

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@Ranveigstokken doesn’t let impending exercise loom overhead. She says, “Good morning fitness,” and gets her day going!

Technically Toned

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@Wickedlyme uses technology to stay on track. Jillian Michaels’ 6 Week Six-Pack Abs video and a fitness tracker keep her on the road to success.

Kickboxing Beauties

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Sometimes it’s all about looking the part. The @victoriassecret @KBKickboxing ladies look fierce in VSX apparel.

Celebrate Success

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@Jasminedoubleu knows how to appreciate all her accomplishments and stay on the road to success. “I not only reached my goal, but well exceeded it! So stoked and proud of myself!”


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