Crush your procrastination habit, get ahead at work, and get out of work on time (or sooner) with these simple tips to achieve the ultimate work-life balance

By Refinery29
November 18, 2014
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"Work-life balance" is like the flossing of life skills. Everyone talks about how incredibly important it is, but pretty much nobody's doing it. But, like good oral hygiene, it really comes down to a few simple changes that absolutely anyone can make. Want to crush your procrastination habit, get ahead at work, and get home early? Of course you do, and so did we. So, we brought in the master to teach us all.

Julie Morgenstern has been called "the queen of putting people's lives together," and, after speaking with her, we think we may indeed have found the magic formula. Morgenstern broke down the biggest stumbling blocks and mistakes we all make, giving us a list of totally reasonable tips to get ahead and get out on time (or sooner). No more late nights slumped over the keyboard, or sluggish mornings where there just isn't enough coffee in the known universe to get us moving.

Here, we broke down Julie's magic formula into 15 changes you can make starting today. Work-life balance is not a myth, guys. We've found the promised land, and we're never, ever leaving. Join us, won't you? [Read the full article at Refinery29!]